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New Bug In Windows 10 Anniversary Update Brings Wi-Fi Disconnects ( 191

Some Windows 10 PCs are now experiencing sudden drops in their Wi-Fi connections, with the Network Diagnostics tool reporting "Wi-Fi doesn't have a valid IP configuration." An anonymous reader quotes InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard: I've heard from many people who blame the Wi-Fi disconnect on Friday's KB 3201845, the patch (which still isn't documented on the Win10 update history site) that brings version 1607 up to build 14393.479. It's unlikely that the new patch brought on the bug because the large influx of complaints started on December 7 -- two days before the patch...

Speculation at this point says the disconnect results when a machine performs a fast startup, setting the machine's IP address to 169.x.x.x. It's an old problem, but somehow it's come back in spades in the past two days. I have no idea what triggered the sudden outbreak, as there were no Win10 1607 patches issued on December 6, 7 or 8.

Microsoft acknowledged the problem Thursday, recommending customers try restarting their PCs (or performing a clean start). Woody writes that it looks like Microsoft's latest Windows 10 patch "didn't cause the bug. But the patch didn't fix it, either."

Comment Re:First Amendment (Score 1) 531

I'm disappointed that your comment is so far down in the list. The first amendment is first in the bill of rights for a good reason. The answer to fake news is more news. We should be celebrating the fake news because in many places news is controlled by the government. We don't want to become one of them.


Comment Re: Does Tesla actually make a profit? (Score 1) 198

I made no such assertion. I merely asked the question. I lack the data and skills to process it in order to make an intelligent determination. I submit however that without the government getting into the question the Tesla wouldn't be a viable means of transportation. At least not yet. Who knows? Battery technology is improving all the time. Will it improve to the point where the energy to weight ratio of batteries is greater than a liquid fossil fuel? Possibly but not for a long time.

Remember that when the fuel is used the tank weighs less. When a battery is discharged it still weighs practically the same as a full battery. There is a small amount of mass lost in the chemical reaction when energy is liberated but for ordinary chemical reactions this is a very small amount. For stationary energy storage batteries have somewhat of an edge but not when you have to spend considerable energy just to drag them around.

Comment Re:Does Tesla actually make a profit? (Score 1) 198

Regenerative braking would add to the efficiency true but what percentage of the typical trip is spent braking? On a long trip I would submit that the braking makes up a small part of the trip which leaves the rest of THAT energy dissipated into drag. For short stop and go city driving the percentage would be higher of course but then the efficiency of the motors goes down because acceleration leads to greater losses to heat in the motor. I leave it to the reader to determine which side has the greater efficiency.

OTOH, the purchase price of a Tesla, even with the taxpayer paid subsidy, is substantially higher than a typical fossil fueled vehicle. Without the government getting in the way, electric cars aren't competitive. They are a rich mans toy, nothing more.

Comment Re:Considering it was the Bush Crime Family... (Score 2) 128

You obviously don't understand how a bureaucracy functions. It's function is to grow. Whenever tests are done that find inadequacies the answer is more TSA agents. Bureaucracies never die. They must be killed piecemeal. Completely destroyed and salt sewn in the barren remnants. Often they are just reborn with a new name.

Remember. Politics is 2 words joined together. Poli = many and tics = blood sucking parasites.

Comment Due Process??? (Score 1) 983

The ability for police to remotely kill suspects raises due process concerns.

Really? "due process concerns." Why all of a sudden? The police aren't concerned about due process or most of the rest of the Bill of Rights. (Try reading it sometime.) Unless of course they somehow get charged with a crime themselves.

Basically it's back to the 1920's where they "Shoot first! Ask questions later." Unless of course you have been rendered unable to speak, or even breathe. It seems like the police don't even bother to drop a knife or gun on a dead suspect anymore to justify the murder. All they need do now is say, "I felt threatened."

Black lives matter. Cops lives matter. ALL lives matter. Come on... We can do better than this.

Comment Re:This is a result of the welfare state (Score 1) 496

My apologies. I wondered later if you were being sarcastic. I'm glad you cleared that up. Had I read your sig I would have been more able to guess where you were coming from. Mea Culpa.

Corporations, being an artificial persons, which enjoy a corporate shield by the state as well as having influence on politicians which money enables, are a special kind of evil.

Comment This is a result of the welfare state (Score 0) 496

In a welfare state, the people are paid whether they work or not. The people who do work get taxed to support those who don't so they stop working.

Taxes are also applied to businesses at a usually much higher rate (progressive taxation) so in order to stay in business they have to automate as much as possible and layoff older workers who are less productive who then go on welfare.

There is little incentive to train workers in the sometimes very high skills needed to service the automation of the remaining businesses. Those who have the incentive, those who are naturally curious and learn high skills in spite of the educational obstacles put in their way by the public school system, will see the landscape and escape to other places where the pay is better and the tax burden perhaps isn't as high.

This leaves the welfare state without the people who are still needed to service the automation of government. Business can't find qualified workers who are willing to work for the meager wages that the business can pay after the state extracts its taxes so the business will eventually go out of business.

To carry this progression to it's final end, even the government will run out of people and businesses to tax and it will finally sink into collapse.

If you don't believe me just take a look at the result now playing out in Venezuela.


Comment Re:Perfect for Jury Nullification (Score 1, Insightful) 258

I would say that nowadays just about every case is about trampling upon the Bill of Rights which in my humble opinion is exceptional and deserves nullification. The Ballot Box has proven over and over that it doesn't work because people, by and large, have been trained in the public school system that makes them into good little sheeple.

I'm just your average asshole who's seen the destruction of and government nullification of the people's rights.

Comment Re:Wow the car knowledge here is bad (Score 1) 238

Exhaust valves are usually very hot and any water touching them will probably warp them to the point that the engine will stop running due to lack of compression. I once had a motorcycle which got warped valves because the exhaust pipes came off while driving and the cold air entering the short distance between where the pipe attached to the hear and the valve warped it.

It's not a fun thing to repair.

I/C engines run on heat. any excess cooling causes them to run badly, if at all.

Comment Re:No User Serviceable Parts inside (Score 2) 224

If the device is in warranty then it's the manufacturers responsibility to repair or replace it assuming it hasn't been subjected to abuse which would void the warranty.

If the device is out of warranty due to expiration or abuse then the owner has every right to attempt repair. The manufacturer no longer has a say and the owner has all the power/responsibility for resulting "fire, explosion, radiation, hearing or vision loss, or children swallowing small parts."

The manufacturer has no obligation to supply repair procedures or to repair the product but the owner may repair or contract with a third party to repair. Caveat Emptor.

Any law which tries to force a manufacturer do anything it has not freely contracted to do is just plain wrong.

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