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Comment Re:Google??? (Score 1) 387

I think the OP was confused that, having done the google search in the future, he found that his own as-yet-unwritten question was already the top google search result for this. After pausing for a moment to consider the paradox, his head exploded, at which point he returned to the past where his as-yet-unexploded head proceeded to write TFQ.

Comment This license is poison (Score 1) 253

I think the concept of Opa is neat. Other projects may have tried and failed at this, but maybe the Opa authors could make it work.

However, the choice of license completely precludes me from even trying it. Sure, I release source code for some of the stuff I make (even though nobody looks at it). Here's why:

Let's say I try out Opa, make some side projects with it, fall in love with it, and I get good at it.

Now, either at my day job, or on my own, I come up with super awesome project X that I want to build and release as some sort of money-making venture. We may even want to open-source the code for the site eventually, but we're not sure yet.

If I were to leverage Opa to do this, however, I will have to *pay* to keep my source closed. That's just not acceptable.

Comment Re:To Mac or Not (Score 1, Offtopic) 672

I work for a company that does .NET development (with a product that doesn't even work outside IE), and yet about 1/4 of the developers use a MacBook (including myself).

They're pricey, but I figure that the cost is really very low considering I use it all day every day. Even if you're just going to run Windows in a VM or Boot Camp most of the time, MacBooks are very high quality machines.

If you don't *have* to run Windows, MacBook wins hands down if you can afford it.

Comment Re:Evil? No. Annoying? Yes! (Score 1) 535

Oddly enough, this is something many Linux distros already do automatically. On Ubuntu, I have one program that updates everything I have installed. And it doesn't even surprise me with an automatic reboot like Windows Update.

I guess Microsoft just doesn't have the manpower to put useful things like this in its 7th/8th generation Windows OS.

Microsoft's lack of innovation in its core OS function is the reason why other companies are building mini-OS functions on top of it.


The State of Game AI 88

Gamasutra has a summary written by Dan Kline of Crystal Dynamics for this year's Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) Conference held at Stanford University. They discussed why AI capabilities have not scaled with CPU speed, balancing MMO economies and game mechanics, procedural dialogue, and many other topics. Kline also wrote in more detail about the conference at his blog. "... Rabin put forth his own challenge for the future: Despite all this, why is AI still allowed to suck? Because, in his view, sharp AI is just not required for many games, and game designers frequently don't get what AI can do. That was his challenge for this AIIDE — to show others the potential, and necessity, of game AI, to find the problems that designers are trying to tackle, and solve them."

Submission + - Missoula County to Cops: Stop Arrests for Pot

holotone writes: As a follow up to this story from March, Missoula's top prosecutor has decided to follow the will of the people and is now actively instructing his officers to uphold the citizen-led cannabis re-prioritization referendum. "We are asking law enforcement where the offense committed is solely possession of marijuana in misdemeanor amounts to stop arresting individuals or writing and submitting tickets"

Submission + - Space Elevator Teams Compete for NASA Prizes

Hugh Pickens writes: "The University of Saskatchewan's has the first place climb in the Second Annual Space Elevator Games being held this weekend at the Davis County Event Center in Salt Lake City with teams competing for $1,000,000 in NASA prize money. Although the idea of a space elevator has been around for decades, the space technologies needed to support it have yet to be created so the non-profit Spaceward Foundation has hosted an annual competition since 2005, supported by a cash prize from NASA, to build a super-strong tether similar to what would be needed to support a real elevator, or get a robot to climb a suspended ribbon. In the robot climber competition, teams have to get their device to hurtle up a 100-metre-long ribbon, suspended from a crane, at an average speed of two metres per second. The climber must be powered from the ground: strategies include reflecting sunlight from huge mirrors on the ground to solar panels on the climber; shining lasers from the ground up to similar panels on the robot; or firing microwaves up at the climber. Qualifying rounds have been taking place all week, and although high winds and rain have caused delays, four out of eight teams have made it into the finals. There are no outdoor climbs today because of bad weather but that some of the tether competitions will happen indoors later this afternoon."

Submission + - Latest Firefox Released Fixes Windows URI Problems (

eldavojohn writes: "Firefox is having a difficult time staying secure on Windows. Thursday was the third time a URI patch has been implemented to handle catching mistakes when Windows mishandles URIs — which can result in a scenario of malicious code launching applications on the browser's machine. The Firefox developers weren't even sure if this was feasible but put the patch in place just to be safe. This latest release of Firefox also adds support for OSX 10.5 (Leopard)."

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