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Comment Re:Couldn't secure financing? (Score 1) 88

My guess, they a) couldn't get the price per unit low enough and b) folks looking at them didn't see the product that was advertised and didn't want to risk sitting on a bunch of unsold or returned inventory. It's easy to see there was a market there, which is why you can now buy quad copters with the functionality promised by Lily...but just because there is a market doesn't mean the Lily team had executed well enough to bring their product to market. Clearly, they had not.

Comment Re:64% blame Bush (Score 5, Insightful) 488

"Bush inherited a growing economy" Fascinating. It's as if the recession that starting in March of 2001, just two months after Bush took office never happened. Glad to see Bush haters are "all-in" on fake news. It's a tribute to Bush that recession was so shallow and quick despite the attacks on 9/11. That said, there is no doubt that part of the response to that recession directly led to the recession that started in Dec 2007, so there is that.

Comment Clinton is perhaps the least credible candidate (Score 0, Offtopic) 1042

Clinton is perhaps the worst candidate there is. Consider the following facts:
  • The next President will inherit a $20 trillion debt and a $600 billion (and growing) annual deficit.
  • The US and the world are due for a recession.
  • When that recession hits the budget deficit is epxected to balloon to $1.3 trillion BEFORE any attempted stiumulus.
  • The federal reserve has maintained near record low interest rates and will not have lowing interest rates as a weapon to fight an economic slowdown (unless you consider negative interest rates).
  • in 2019 (assuming no recession), it is projected that entitlements + defense + interest on the debt will exceed tax revenue leaving discretionary spending (thinks like Dept of Ed, HUD, National Parks, etc to be completely funded by debt).
  • by 2023 (assuming no recession), it is projected that entitlements + interest on teh debt will exceed tax revenue, meaning everything else including defense will be paid for with new debt.

What will Clinton due when faced with this reality? We'll see massive deficis, more debt, negative interest rates and monetization of the interest rates. We'll see the same stuff that Bush did after the .com bubble and that Obama did after the great recession, except that with 100% of debt to GDP we simply don't have the resources we did then. Having Clinton peddling the same old tired solutions is going to lead to a lost generation of economic growth, the type that Japan can't break out of and that much of Europe is now entering.

Sure, Clinton seems reasonable and what not, but she is perhaps that most dangerous candidate due to her economic policies. They simply aren't going to work. ,

Comment The man in the mirror (Score 2) 217

I’m starting with the man in the mirror // I’m asking him to change his ways // And no message could have been any clearer // If you wanna make the world a better place // (If you wanna make the world a better place) // Take a look at yourself, and then make a change // (Take a look at yourself, and then make a change)

Comment Password Security (Score 1) 314

The single biggest threat this law creates is the need to have passwords a company can decrypt. If a court order requests the password of an account, a company is required to provide said password. This means you must now store your user passwords in a method you can decrypt. Nope, nothing wrong with that! I guess Senator Burr was getting jealous of all the attention the NC GOP was getting from HB2 that he wanted to try and upstage them.

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