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Comment We can't outwit a fax tone? (Score 1) 245

Who has the most FAX machines? Rural areas, know who asks least questions when said team in control? - as a CA tech stuck in TX for the obama years and all that goes with that, as a moderate reasoning human during this time, I observe the move is like a voter ID type maneuver, this is gerrymander playbook 101. Simple BUT Tech will work around this and other challenges.

Submission + - MS keeps trying to kill Win 7 needlessly (

Pabugs writes: As a 17 year tech my self (whose business clients ALL use Win 7) I find the corporate mindset of MS to be misleading @ minimum, to Abusive as the norm, and after a year of "Ambush" style installs of Win 10 to unsuspecting Businesses and Users, They continue to promote unnecessary change for change sake (read: corporate greed) they simply disregard the needs of the customer, the disruption it causes to migrate, and the costs it incurs,

Comment Re:I'm surprised (Score 1) 412

because the gov't pays $$ to comp sci students (with more college degree funding than most can get), 4 schools do the bidding for the gov't sub contractors. so the students who need the funding, are beholden to pay off their loans/contracts for the 2-4 years employment req'd to fulfill their student grant funding.
The Internet

Submission + - How much will we actually take? ( 1

Pabugs writes: US ISP providers — Unbridled greed — The rest of the planet leads by a (last) mile — I guess the US public really are simple dupes — beyond the greed of Wall Street putting our entire country and leadership of the free world at risk (which we paid them to get away with), EVERY facet of living in the US now reeks of corporate greed and passive acceptance on the part of the ppl. — Sad & pathetic acceptance -

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Print Server Issues

Pabugs writes: "I have an Oil Field Parts Supply client that just dumped their central server based Inventory/Order/Invoicing system and have installed Wolfpak Software — Problem is that the client Mgt. wants to be able to print from this software (domain based) to any of the 9 offices in the area via the web. They recently sent me a print server appliance to install to attempt to solve the problem. But the device can't manage domain based requests. So that was the first warning sign for me ( I'm on my own). The other issue is that the local offices have a mix of workgroup and domain based systems.
The various supply offices often have clients come into the other various regional offices to create a parts ticket that instead of having a central server handle the print to various offices process (like the one they dumped), they now want to print the ticket in the account originating office to manage their process without the server based software to do it.
Poor logistics aside, I need to create a way to print from any office, to any other office, via the web, and be able to use both the domain based and workgroup based machines to print to some IP based set up — Please advise."

Submission + - It's amazing how simple it is to hack these days (

Pabugs writes: It continues to amaze me that the general public still doesn't get the risks involved online with basic security issues — it also amazes me that this story is so prominently featured in a major paper and how it actually acts as a guide for the lazy hacker on you block — wow

Submission + - Mininova removes all 'infringing' torrents (

Pabugs writes: I woke up this morning to cruise the Mininova movies category to find the torrents were removed and the line at the top stating 'From now on, only Content Distribution torrents are allowed' — Could it be that 'The Man" is gaining a foothold in the piracy battle? — I guess we'll have to wait and see, in the meantime, I'm a little less thankful on this Thanksgiving knowing that Corporate interests are now crushing my movie habits — Mininova was one of the few places I could find movies that most rental places won't carry and being forced into purchasing a crappy film for preview @ $9.99 isn't worth it to me.

Submission + - China taking on U.S. in cyber arms race (

Pabugs writes: "China has developed information warfare units — China is seeking to unseat the United States as the dominant power in cyberspace, a U.S. Air Force general leading a new push in this area said Wednesday."

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