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Comment Re:In archaic terms... (Score 0) 505

Not necessarily archaic terms... "The people have the right be be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects" Effects is defined as "personal belongings" There is no way that anyone could interpret the 4th Amendment to no protect electronic devices. Ugh.

Submission + - Ohio Linuxfest 2007 Schedule Announced (ohiolinux.org)

Damin writes: "The conference schedule for the Ohio Linuxfest 2007 (Saturday, September 29th, Columbus Ohio) has been posted and it contains a suprisingly diverse mix of topics. In it's Fifth year, the conference has been growing steadily and remains free to the public. The list of speakes is quite impressive; Max Spevack, leader of the Fedora Project, kicks off the conference with a presentation on "How Red Hat Continues Learning to Stop Worrying and Love the Community" and Bradley Kuhn former Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation will close out the conference with an evening keynote. Always worth seeing, Jon 'maddog' Hall of Linux International will be on hand as well as Warren Woodford, the founder of MEPIS. Ubuntu, Debian, OpenOffice.Org, Zenoss, PostgreSQL will all be represented.

In addition to the regular fare, there are a few really interesting presentations such as "FOSS and How Developers Pay the Bills", "Are Developers Responsible for Ensuring Users Can Use Their Programs" and this one on using Open Source tools to manage baseball stastistics. Google is apparently planning one hell of an after party. It is hard to argue with the value provided for the cost($0) of this conference. While free and open to anyone, registration is required, and with over 2,000 people expected this year things should be quite hopping!"


Dateline NBC Mole Outed At DefCon 573

An anonymous reader writes "Dateline NBC allegedly attempted to infiltrate the DefCon hackerfest with a producer using a hidden camera. The show hoped to tape hackers admitting to illegal activities, but DefCon got wind of the plot and displayed the would-be-mole's photo before every presentation. Dateline refused to deny the planned infiltration. 'All journalists covering DefCon sign an agreement upon registering for the conference that outlines the rules, but the DefCon organizers say the mole apparently registered as a regular attendee, thereby bypassing the legal agreement. Dateline NBC is best known for its controversial To Catch A Predator series, which uses hidden cameras to tape men who are allegedly seeking to have sex with minors they met online.'"

BBC White Paper Claims HD Over Low Bandwidth Signal 88

Kelten Miynos writes "According to CNet, the BBC has written a white paper in which they claim it's possible to double the available Freeview TV bandwidth by using some clever technologies. 'Doubling the space would mean we could easily have HD channels on Freeview, although everyone would need to buy a new receiver and aerial to pick them up. The key to all this is something called MIMO, which stands for multiple-input multiple-output. MIMO works using two transmitters, and two receivers. The two transmitters mean the two sets of data — sent on the same frequency — will arrive at the receivers at different times. Different arrival times are what allow the receiver to differentiate between the two separate signals and subsequently decode them.' These procedures could then be transplanted abroad to other countries with similar services."

Submission + - Myspace.cn has a slight Twist

php_krisp writes: "Earlier on today Slashdot reported that Myspace.cn had gone live with people being asked to report on other breaking the rules. We've run an article on our blog about our experience on myspace china and were surprised to find that it censors on the fly words like 'Dalai Lama' and 'Tiananmen Square'. We immediately substituted those a's with á's to bypass the censor, but how long will it be allowed to stay up? Will it be deleted by tomorrow?"
United States

Submission + - Articles of Impeachment Submitted Against Cheney

Watson Ladd writes: Dennis Kucinich has reveled his articles of impeachment for Cheney. They are for lying about Iraq's prewar nuclear abilities, lying about the relationship between Saddam and Osama, and for trying to do the same to Iran. The text of the charges and a ton of supporting material are available here.

Spy Act of 2007 = "Vendors Can Spy Act" 309

strick1226 writes "Ed Foster over at InfoWorld describes the Spy Act bill (H.R. 964) as having the same relation to the prevention of spyware that the CAN SPAM Act had to the prevention of spam. It allows exceptions for companies to utilize spyware for any number of reasons; if this bill had been law when Sony distributed their rootkit, they would have had perfect cover. Most troubling is that the bill would preempt all state laws, including those more focused on the privacy of people's data, and disallow individuals from bringing suit. It is expected to pass soon with 'strong bipartisan support.'"

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