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Comment Quality is more important than quantity (Score 1) 188

Hours per dollar is only a way to measure the quantity of enjoyment, not the quality. Take Braid, which i completed in a few hours. Compare it to World of Warcraft which i have spent way way too much time on. I probably got a lot more game time per dollar from WoW, but the enjoyment i had when playing Braid was much greater, even with no replayability or online multiplayer. I am worried games these days often forego the quality part and focus too much on the quantity.

Comment Ancient ways (Score 1) 356

Legality and what is best for the creator of creative works aside. It never fails to amaze me how the industry keeps trying to strip the internet and digital world of all it's benefits, to make it more compatible with their age old business models. It seems clear, even to an average Joe like me with no education on this matter, that trying to screw your customers over instead of adjusting to their habits is a terrible strategy. Instead of spending millions on limiting our ability to share and distribute media, they should spend that money and manpower on developing new solid business models that awards and takes advantage of this pattern. It has been done in small scale, but because the majority of the industry clings to it's ancient ways like a samurai in a 21st century gunfight, it will need a few more bullets to the chest before it is defeated. Whoever then remains with a new and customer friendly business model is gonna get really, really rich.

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