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Comment Re:Assholes .. (Score 1) 867

I already decided to not update any of my Windows computers ever again -- they are all offline computers used for content generation -- I use a Linux computer for content uploading, Apple computers for FB, email, banking and tablets for everything else; as the family IT guy, people near by me are not likely to be led to purchasing a Windows PC;

I'm really surprised that HP, Dell and others haven't pulled Microsoft aside and told them to 'stop it!!' and 'fix this!!'

Comment trust matters (Score 1) 124

For me, trust in the SourceForge site is still not getting repaired until software like Filezilla can be safely downloaded with no fear of bundled "offered software"

I pity the fool that makes a recommendation to a client or vendor to use FileZilla.

For an illustration of how trust matters, go to the SourceForge site and compare customer comments of FileZilla vs WinSCP

Comment Re:Virtualize (Score 1) 142

I agree with building a computer with 8GB or more of memory.

I use VirtualBox for my home test system and set the disk image to be written to a 16GB Ram Drive -- this makes it very fast to format and load a new guest OS from ISO or DVD -- I usually set and name the disk images in VirtualBox to be 4GB or 10GB in size. I back up the disk images off-site and on a small raid5 server, and have one local copy in a folder called "ComputerStore" -- set up a shared folder (and network share to something like C:\vshare\readonly, C:\vshare\readwrite for work you need to save)

Windows Ram Drives -- google:
superspeed ram drive
drdataram ram drive
softperfect ram drive

Comment Re:Economy Class (Score 1) 365

My colon always has "one-in-the-chamber" and with a minor colitus-like ailment, the crew of RyanAir would hopefully make the donation of coins to open the door for me!

Comment Re:Dark Tan? (Score 1) 964

I believe that the local newspaper, Atlanta-Journal-Constitution, did some photoshopping of their own -- a few Sundays ago, I noticed that the Foxtrot cartoon showed Jason with a caucasian friend which seemed out of place based on their character-set; I checked online and verified the difference.

Comment Re:Does the US Get It Yet? (Score 1) 292

>> We seem to think that in WWII we singlehandedly A) ... B) ... C) ... etc

I've never met a person in the US that made those claims that we "singlehandedly" did any of those things. Even if you have met such a clown, it wouldn't represent the other 300k people here in a way that justifies the word "we".

You may need to go on a diet, because you're pulling too much out of your plump ass.

Comment Re:Under 60: Health and Suicide (Score 2, Interesting) 575

I have a light version of Crohn's and know where every bathroom in the city is. Lot's of coffee in the morning helps make afternoons a little more predictable. I did have 105degree fevers until my doctors discovered it, sent me to the hospital for a week and stopped feeding me sulpha based medicine.

In my case, they want to avoid surgery.

Is surgery an option in your case, just before the euthanasia option is completed? I know surgery can be risky, but in that situation, it may be worth trying first (even if its a little experimental)?

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