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Comment Re:All these new fangled measures are confusing (Score 1) 62

I'm not clear on how knowing it in square furlongs will help you. I'm not even sure if anyone has ever used square furlongs as a unit of measure. But people who post messages like this don't actually want to know the answer, they just want to be snarky.

TL;DR 14.9 square furlongs, 0.6 km^2

Comment Re:E-mail client? (Score 4, Insightful) 85

In a small business, the owner/manager may well be sitting at the POS terminal to help customers, but also doing other business tasks in between. It would be great if they had different computers for this, but there may not be space/budget for that.

In a larger system, there might be general purpose computers sitting on the same network as the POS system without proper firewalls between them. So the malware hits a general purpose system first, then uses that platform to attack the POS.

Comment Re:Largest known? (Score 1) 73

The light from the most distant objects we see has travelled about 13 billion light years to reach us. During the intervening 13 billion years, the expansion of the universe means that those objects would now be 46 billion light years away. So which number you use depends on how you want to define the size. I like the 13 billion number because it doesn't depend on any definition of simultaneity.


Comment Re:This video is not available due to geographical (Score 2) 94

I hate geographic restrictions also, but you are taking a very narrow definition of "unavailable" that defies common usage. If there is no legal way to acquire something, it is not available. The fact that this is a choice Amazon is making and could make differently does not change the fact that it is not currently available to you.

Comment Re:About 4x beyond current production. (Score 2) 260

I looked at

The spec sheet claims "power density of up to 130 W/in. (7.9 W/cm)"

But I also see:
Dimensions 38.2in*19.8in*18.7in = 14100 in^3
AC Power 690V * 750A = 520000 VA
Density: 37 VA/in^3 (also an upper bound on W/in^3)

What is the justification for the 130 W/in^3 claim?

Comment Re:Tracking Needs to be Illegal (Score 2) 189

Getting a signature on a piece of paper is a bit impractical in the internet age, don't you think?

Would this prevent sites from counting how many visiters their site received? How about the number of visiters using Comcast? How about the number of visiters using Comcast in Dallas? The number of visiters with IP

Would this mean that Amazon's fraud team would have to shut down, because they look for suspicious pattens of activity? For that matter, would credit card companies be able to do fraud analysis on your purchase history? Would they even be able to send you a bill?

The right to be forgotten is a good goal, but there are a lot of messy details to be worked out.

Comment Re:Obligatory note: the USPS is intentionally brok (Score 1) 258

As I understand it, for regulated services USPS is not allowed to offer any negotiated prices to any company. Sunday delivery is presumably an unregulated add-on, but for normal weekday package delivery Amazon has to pay the same prices as any other shipper. One way Amazon gets around that is by using their own trucks to move packages as close to the consumer as possible, then mailing the package only a short distance. The post office can also unofficially rebate money by doing joint advertising.

Comment Re:Sunrise (Score 4, Interesting) 545

Of course if we start schools later, parents will want their work schedules later too. And if we do that, stores will need to adjust their hours to accomodate both employees and customers, and evening entertainment will probably want to start later. Coordinating all of that sounds tricky, so what if we just get together and chose an arbitrary date on which we will all start things an hour later?

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