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Comment Re:InOtherNews: Real Apple chargers fail budget te (Score 1) 121

In my experience, those knockoff magsafe cables are completely useless. I had a Macbook power supply where the connector stopped working. I saw a bunch of cables on Amazon for $5 or so, much cheaper than getting a new power supply obviously.

I must have went through at least 5 of those knockoff replacement cables. Several different brands (though who knows if the different brands listed on Amazon all get their product from the same supplier.) None lasted more than a couple weeks.

I eventually broke down and bought another Apple charger. That one stopped working about 10 months later. At least it was in the warranty period.

Comment Re:It's all fun and games (Score 1) 290

I wonder how many of those blind spot accidents are due to people setting all 3 mirrors to cover essentially the same place - the back of the car.

If you set your mirrors wider, the blind spot almost completely disappears. Though it will probably be a bit disconcerting at first. If you want to look behind you, you'll have to actually look at the rear view mirror instead of the side mirrors.

Comment Re:Legal Opinion, Please? (Score 2) 699

OK, let's say you make a car that has some sort of device that limits the amount of air that goes into the engine. Let's call this, for lack of a better term, an 'air restrictor'. Then the evil gasoline manufacturers sue the air restrictor maker for limiting the amount of gas that is consumed. The aristocrats.

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