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Comment Re:So what's the alternative? (Score 1) 117

I've always found foobar2000's sound harsh and hard to listen too when playing mp3 and flacs.. also not a fan of its interface.. IMO its a bit too much for something as simple as a media player.

I've been using WinAmp since 1999ish and have yet had any issues with it (even on my daily icecast radio stream playlist of just under 38,000 entries) it just works and unlike many newer media players, I can select the output device I want.

I really hope this sale doesn't ruin what's left of WinAmp. It would a truly sad day.

Comment Re:Dear SJW morons (Score 2) 781

I've got a one step solution to all of this:
1. Stop giving a fuck until these morons grow up and actually have a real issue to present.

Although I agree with every word that you've said, would you not agree that there might be some objection to the following file extensions:
.jew for racial profiling data
.old for genealogy data
.ass for anatomical data

The fact is that there does exist a border where some three letter combinations are seen as having meaning, that is the whole purpose that letters were invented in the first place. The question is _where_ is the line drawn. You and I agree that .bro has not yet reached it, but clearly we are getting closer and closer.

.ass is already taken.. The .ass file extension is used for a special movie subtitle format called Aegisub Advanced Substation.

But whatever.. they can cave to extremists or not.. I don't even care.bro

Comment Re:Those are add-ons, not plugins. (Score 1) 147

I sure hope so.
I too have at 2 must have mandatory inclusions to Firefox, no script and firebug. Then there is a couple nice to have such as the YT center plugin that "fixes" the ads, on-demand or as needed loading, etc. and some media plugins (Google talk, VLC, QT, etc.) that helps with embedded media on this old xp machine.

Comment Re:This is not an XP patch (Score 1) 345

This is a patch to IE, not XP. IE is not EOLed. They have committed to fixing bugs in IE. It just so happens that the easiest way to patch IE is via Windows Update. This is a non-story that's being treated as though they actually patched a security bug in XP.


How everyone is making this an XP EOL thing is very annoying and totally wrong. The patch is for IE and, as it should be, system independent. I know that for my XP install (yes still use XP as MS doesn't provide proper upgrade paths.. [that's a whole 'nother story]) IE is treated as a separate application from the OS, same as Firefox or Chrome.

I'd be very disappointed if it wasn't patched.

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