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Role Playing (Games)

Looking Back At Dungeons & Dragons 189

An anonymous reader sends in a nostalgic piece about Dungeons & Dragons and the influence it's had on games and gamers for the past 36 years. Quoting: "Maybe there was something in the air during the early '70s. Maybe it was historically inevitable. But it seems way more than convenient coincidence that Gygax and Arneson got their first packet of rules for D&D out the door in 1974, the same year Nolan Bushnell managed to cobble together a little arcade machine called Pong. We've never had fun quite the same way since. Looking back, these two events set today's world of gaming into motion — the Romulus and Remus of modern game civilization. For the rest of forever, we would sit around and argue whether games should let us do more or tell us better stories."

Comment What I have learned (Score 5, Funny) 227

So, before this article I knew the google had changed there "little-icon-thingy".

Yes, as far as I knew that is what it is called.

What I have learned so far from this article is:

  • Little-icon-thingy is not the correct name
  • Favicon is the right name. I like mine more.
  • Many companies use an assortment of primary colours.
  • Google's makes a lower case 'g'. Cool, had not noticed that yet.

What falls in the what else is new category:

  • Some people don't think a story belongs on the front page


Comment Re:Honestly... (Score 1) 423

This is the case where a $222,000 verdict was awarded for downloading 24 songs

RTFA. RIAA downloaded 24 songs from her.

Not strictly true. Depends what kind of logs the filesharing program kept, or her ISP.

And you are giving the RIAA the logs from your computer? Her ISP is not logging her file sharing activities.

I like to call it "innocent until proven guilty", but apparently, this doesn't apply to civil cases.

No, it does not. You are correct. One example of Oranthal, who was found innocent of double murder in a criminal trial, but guilty in a civil trial. At a civil trial the burden is not on the prosecutor to prove guilt. The court tries to determine what the most likely thing to happen was, then applies what they feel are the appropriate damages.

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