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Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 1) 236

You know, murder is a crime because you rob someone of the remaining time they might have had on this planet. Robo callers steal the equivalent of lifetimes every single day and our useless FTC seems utterly incapable of doing a damned thing about it.

Oh I hear you. Some of the editors here deserve looong prison sentences.

Comment Re:Bad idea even if it worked (Score 1) 373

I have to say that I'm against life extension research. My one comfort, when some bad person gets the firmest of grips on a suffering country, is that the bad person will die, and someone else with different views will take over. Imagine Stalin remaining in power till 1978 (he'd be only a hundred) instead of dying in 1953. Or Mao Zedong in power till 2045. Does anyone think the world will be better off? I don't like what President Erdogan's doing to Turkey. I honestly take some comfort in the fact he was born in 1954, and he's unlikely to be on the scene in ten years' time.


Generational turnover relieves some problems, but not the ones caused by institutions.

Comment This is pretty much the opposite (Score 1) 82

of how my grandfather would want it to work.

I remember when people were talking to him, he'd pointedly remove his hearing aids and look the other way.

He didn't give a damn, but he was the only one in the house the kids and the dogs would listen to.

Comment Re:Love it and stay (Score 1) 265

Insults are the domain of the Democrats, have some couth. Republicans don't generally use insult as a substitute for rational thinking, that's a Democratic play.

"Heart rules the head", IOW emotional thinking, is what Democrats do.

Oh, and because there are no examples of the other party being like that at all.

Holy shit, dude.

This whole R versus D thing is highly destructive to intelligent discussion, especially when adding generalizations and ad-hominem.

Please get off Slashdot.

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