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Comment Project Euler (Score 1) 332

I see a ton of comments here from people that clearly don't understand what functional programming is, or they don't really get it. If you consider yourself a programmer, go to Project Euler and do the first 20 (or 50) problems. Use whatever language you like. You have to do them, because you need to solve them to see all the other solutions.

Look at the solutions, in all the different languages, and compare. Not just for speed, but the design. Take a good look.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 84

Perhaps: Well the ocean temperature dropped enough, but turns out the local increase in salinity due to the cloud whitening machine spraying salt in to the air has killed off the entire Great Barrier Reef. Oops.

OK, I'm not Randall Monroe, but here we go -

There is about 120 million tons of salt in a single cubic mile of seawater. A very conservative estimate of the volume of seawater around the Great Barrier Reef is 8,000 cubic miles.

That's nearly a trillion tons of salt.

If we dropped a BILLION TONS of salt over that area, it wouldn't change the water's salinity - by even a rounding error.

Comment Re: Meh. (Score 1) 92

You think a db can serve just one app, apparently. My current db serves hundreds, no way they can all be installed there. Another serves the corporate dwh. Installing apps on that one will make me do horrible things to you. Don't make me, bro!

Where I come from, having many applications accessing the same database directly is a disaster for maintainability. Not that it's good for everything, but 3-tier is about more than just security.

The orgs I work for have rather higher security requirements than garden variety stuff so I doubt I'd ever be able to put the service layer on the same box as a database, but for smaller, purely internal applications I totally would.

Anyway my point is, aside from some very specific things (like doing nested set for hierarchical data) why use a 3GL to put non-relational logic in SQL statements at all, when you're already supposed to have a layer on top of that where all your business logic and units tests are, in a language already suited to it?

I know. Unit tests, what are those.

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 253

Yes, the theatres, museums and restaurants in your shithole of city are better than those in New York, Chicago and Washington combined.

Meh. I'd take a short commute any day of the week over those things.

Going out to the really nice places, you keep that for a treat anyway otherwise they get boring. No need to live next to them.

Comment Re:SJW purges in full swing now (Score 1) 656

They got Colin Moriarty a couple of weeks ago at Kinda Funny Games too. Trump's election has produced a SJW hysteria where even conventional conservative views are no longer tolerated anywhere in the tech/entertainment industry in particular (or Silicon Valley/Southern California in general). Everyone not fully embracing the SJW agenda is being purged from their jobs. This poor guy got fired just for participating in sex roleplay that the SJW's don't like.

I honestly wish people would stop all the "SJW" crap when anyone who isn't an obvious Bible-thumper does something stupid.

Comment Get your rates from the website before calling. (Score 1) 143

I called to get set up with Comcast and they quoted me outrageous rates for basic internet, which were nearly the same as if I bundled other crap on top of it. I said, I want the rate I see here on your website, just the basic service. The person on the phone refused to admit the rate existed, then acknowledged that it did but said that she wasn't allowed to offer it over the phone. I said, give me the plan or it's false advertising.

For $40/month, gods be with me, I got an internet connection so fast it maxes out my local network. I get nearly 12MB/second sustained, even over hours, and I don't even know how much faster it really is because I haven't bothered upgrading everything to gigabit.

Was it because I was firm but polite? Maybe a mistake? I may never know.

So yeah. I hate Comcast too, but I'm pretty happy with them right now.

Comment First you have to ask, why we don't demand (Score 1) 180

personal responsibility for decisions corporations make.

"As horrible as each of these stories is, there is nothing that shows that Mr. Cadden did something that the government can link to the death of that person."

There are many example of cases where a corporation kills people, but, magically, no one person is found guilty of murder, when it was clearly murder.

Oh, I guess it's nobody, because it was done in the context of a business!

We have to solve that problem first. And the question doesn't change just because you add "with robots" or "with technology".

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