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Comment Get your rates from the website before calling. (Score 1) 141

I called to get set up with Comcast and they quoted me outrageous rates for basic internet, which were nearly the same as if I bundled other crap on top of it. I said, I want the rate I see here on your website, just the basic service. The person on the phone refused to admit the rate existed, then acknowledged that it did but said that she wasn't allowed to offer it over the phone. I said, give me the plan or it's false advertising.

For $40/month, gods be with me, I got an internet connection so fast it maxes out my local network. I get nearly 12MB/second sustained, even over hours, and I don't even know how much faster it really is because I haven't bothered upgrading everything to gigabit.

Was it because I was firm but polite? Maybe a mistake? I may never know.

So yeah. I hate Comcast too, but I'm pretty happy with them right now.

Comment First you have to ask, why we don't demand (Score 1) 180

personal responsibility for decisions corporations make.

"As horrible as each of these stories is, there is nothing that shows that Mr. Cadden did something that the government can link to the death of that person."

There are many example of cases where a corporation kills people, but, magically, no one person is found guilty of murder, when it was clearly murder.

Oh, I guess it's nobody, because it was done in the context of a business!

We have to solve that problem first. And the question doesn't change just because you add "with robots" or "with technology".

Comment Re:java (Score 1) 125

Java has a robust and widely used and robust frameworks for applications so in many cases the developer can focus on the business code; several mature development environments which hook into the reflection capabilities of the language to make coding quite pleasant; a rich set of tools useful for program qa and developer support; a massive developer pool. As a language it's OK, but language wars are so 90s.

"Robust", huh?

The worst misuse and overuse of design patterns I have ever seen have all come from people who write, or learned to code writing Java.

Those "robust frameworks" you talk about are a scourge. At best they're cargo-cult engineering, and at worst, deliberate overiengineering make-work to craete job security.

Java can make mediocre programmers productive

I'm guessing you and I have very different ideas about what productivity is.

Comment Re:And now for something different. (Score 1) 299

Awesome guy for the employees, horrible for the corp.

There's dysfunction all over the industry, and usually you get the combination of very little getting done, but everyone working their asses off and being miserable.

If you got anything useful done at all I wouldn't judge him so poorly from a corporate perspective.

Comment Re:I lived this another way ... (Score 1) 1001

I am not sure where yo get that multiplier, it seems a bit high. I've seen 50% to maybe 75% as the additional overhead. How did you come to 2.5? At any rate, once you tacked on the overhead cost my contracting company charged they were at about 2x.

Well that was for engineers, but that was a while ago. Maybe it's quite a bit lower now because everyone's cutting cost - like benefits, healthcare, and pensions.

Yeah, I know... "pensions"... what are those.

Comment Re:Test what they know, not what they don't. (Score 1) 1001

That's fine if you have standard problems. Not so much when you don't.

We don't have standard problems. For the standard problems, there are standard solutions. And I don't need people for that, libraries will do just fine.

What I need is problem solvers. So actually, I DO test what they don't know. I don't want to know what they know. I want to know how they find solutions to problems they didn't already solve.

You got some ass-backwards reasoning, there. I never said I didn't also test problem-solving.

The point of testing what they know and not what they don't, is that you don't filter out good people just because they don't know whatever predefined things you think they should know. It's keeping an open mind.

Comment Re:I lived this another way ... (Score 1) 1001

You gotta love it when HR decides who you can hire. I once was asked to apply for a job at a company I was currently doing work for as a consultant. They had to post the job and HR decided I wasn't qualified enough, even though I was currently doing it, to forward my resume so the hiring manager couldn't offer me the job. As a result, I stayed on as a contractor at 1.5x the pay and they didn't hire anyone.

The reason sounds stupid but the overhead multiplier for a full-time employee is about 2.5 for skilled/tech work.

Comment This is actually an accomplishment. (Score 1) 244

I went through a phase where I tried to really reduce animal protein form my diet, and one of the most foul things I ever tasted in the attempt was "Chick'n", some plant-based product that was supposed to look and taste like chicken. I couldn't even stomach a single bite. I spit it strait out and insulted several deities.

If Subway really is serving a product that's 50% soy (or whatever), and people eat it without thinking it's not 100% chicken - wow. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 402

They already had this. It's called citing your sources and peer review. We also used to have open discussions but those got shut down in favor of safe spaces. Now you can't say shit without some snowflake getting their feelings hurt because, you know, feelings are more important than the truth and stuff.

Hurt feelings causes citations and peer review to go away? What the fuck is wrong with you?

And this got modded as +5 insightful? Really, Slashdot?

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