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Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 96

As young help desk technician eight years ago, Flash was almost as worst as the intranet sites that required IE6 to work. Every month a new version of Flash comes out to break the intranet sites for users because the program auto updates on its own and the intranet team was always two weeks behind on updating Flash on the web servers. Every month I got tickets to remote into systems to rollback to the previous version of Flash to get the intranet sites working again.

As a computer security technician today, Silverlight is becoming the new Flash with problematic installs that refuse to update properly. Every month the Nessus scan spits out a list of systems that I remote into to run a Microsoft Fix-It program to uninstall the older version and reinstall the baseline version.

That's what you get for using the web for applications that should have been thick clients.

Comment Re:Losing jobs isn't the problem (Score 1) 466

Not being able to live, is.

In a perfect world, no one would HAVE to work if there was a minimum support for everyone. There's absolutely nothing wrong with machines doing more and more mundane work. The problem is that the increased profit goes to the wrong people.

The problem runs far deeper than wealth inequality - we need to start asking basic questions again, like what is money, what is value.

We have a debt-based monetary system with fractional reserve banking.

Could there be anything else? Maybe there are other systems that would work better with our modern oversupply of both goods and labor. What would they look like?

Almost nobody is asking these questions.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 1) 466

b) programming can be automated too

No, it can't. Programmers self-automate all the time, it's called abstraction.

Done right, it makes them more productive. Done wrong, well... it "creates jobs".

The only thing that will automate away programmers will be Strong AI - strong with a capital 'S'.

Comment Re:Thin-skinned, can't stand to lose even once (Score 1) 1368

I can't believe what gigantic babies they are. What, did they expect that for the rest of their natural lives, that they would win every single election, ever? Apparently so.

And now, that their side lost, instead of moving forward, they are bawling like infants and want to quit. We saw this with Brexit as well. Highly educated people, professionals, and they just pitched a shit-fit because they lost. I couldn't believe the rage that Ph.D's were capable of. But they sure can lecture everyone else about how we have to accept it when things go their way.

Democracy is awesome.

You have a strange view of other people.

It's not who's team won or lost - why don't you take a step back and look at who just got elected.

Comment Re:The Problem (Score 1) 57

The problem with government software is that it is usually designed to do things only the government handles: Collect taxes Plan road projects Route mail etc.

This really isn't a problem if you look at it from a state level. If they start sharing systems, even partially, that could save us a lot of tax money.

Comment First time? You'd never know it. (Score 2) 80

I watched lots of perfectly good websites get utterly trashed *years* ago to make them more "mobile friendly".

Now that tablet sales are stagnant, I can't wait for them to find some new destructive trend to chase.

Like, someone invents an ass-browser, so all those websites will be redone again, with a brown palette, and turd-shaped buttons to make them "ass-friendly".

Comment Re:passage in a 3-2 vote, with Republicans dissent (Score 1) 51

Fuckers. Small government my ass, they're just sellouts.

You know, I hate the whole either-you're-R-or-D thing and I hate being called one or the other, but whenever some obviously corrupt shit is happening, there's never any question as to which party is on the wrong side. Every. Time.

Comment Re:Maximum Irony (Score 1) 331

The linked article itself is not even using black fonts.

They are using #333333 which is a dark grey.

While I agree with the main premise of the article, pure black on white hurts my eyes - there's nothing wrong with tempering text with #333.

From what I understand, it's mostly the thinness of the fonts, and this goes with what I already knew - look at a Commodore 64 screenshot, with the light-blue on blue text. "Terrible" contrast in comparison, and yet it's (at least I found it) very easy on the eyes, and very easy to read.

Comment Re: Thank but no thank you (Score 2) 155

Countless websites on the internet totally break if you block google IPs.

I was evaluating game development platforms and couldn't install Unity because it required a connection to Google analytics, which is one of the many things I block at the hosts level.

That's right. I couldn't get passed the install without an active connection to Google analytics.

I concluded Unity wasn't as serious development platform.

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