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Comment Oh yeah, because everyone knows mine accidents (Score 1) 139

and anything else "nuclear-related" that isn't at a power plant should be included in any statistical analysis to predict the probability of the next Chernobyl.

Each accident must have occurred during the generation, transmission, or distribution of nuclear energy. That includes accidents at mines, during transportation by truck or pipeline, or at an enrichment facility, a manufacturing plant, and so on.

Comment I don't understand. (Score 1) 61

Back in the day when I just started digitizing my CD's, if you'd asked me if I wanted some third party to have read/write access to my digital music library, I would have called you nuts.

I bought it, it's mine, and I don't need anyone to manage it for me, thank you very much. I still feel that way.

Now people are keeping the only copies of their music on devices that they don't control, running software they don't control.

And they want us to listen when they complain? Craziness.

Comment Re:This reminds me of top-posting in newsgroups. (Score 1) 523

Yet, you fail to give any explanation at all as to why bottom-posting is better. I think I clearly explained why I preferred top-posting. This was long before MS had an email client.

But your answer is just, "Because... Microsoft! BLARG!". You're exactly the kind of wignut I was talking about. You scream about why top-posting is wrong, but can never give any good reason why.

Comment This reminds me of top-posting in newsgroups. (Score 2) 523

It's common email convention now, at least in my experience - when you respond to someone, you put your response on top, so as the conversation chain grows, the order is the most recent (and therefore the most pertinent) to the oldest, descending. So you don't have to scroll through pages just to see the last reply.

Back in the day, on newsgroups, if you did that you'd get absolutely SCREAMED at for "TOP POSTING", because it was WRONG.

From the guardians of all that is right and wrong.

Comment Re:It's not just about working longer and harder (Score 1) 144

although for all but the top maybe 10% of coders that's probably more important than anything. You're rank and file are just implementing biz logic after all. But don't forget that the ability to learn and adapt goes _down_ as you get older. It just does, and there's plenty of research to show this. An experienced programmer can crank out code he's already written faster, but so what. He's gonna want to work fewer hours and have more benefits. On the low end I can not only work those young guys half again as hard and pay them half as much. They cost less to give medical insurance for to boot. On the high end their ability to learn makes up for their lack of experience. The reason you were taught to respect your elders is they were smart enough to know they weren't needed anymore and you'd need an emotional reason drilled into you when you were mentally vulnerable or you'd kick 'em to the curb.

Wow, seriously? Pro-tip: go anonymous if you just want to troll.

On the off chance you actually mean that, I'm not going to even bother explaining to you what's wrong with your line of thinking. You don't understand software development at all.

Well... maybe you are a manager.

Comment Re:Star Trek is political fantasy (Score 1) 359

I agree that how one arrives at the social and economic structure of Star Trek is left to the imagination, but some of the presumably enabling elements, namely, the technology, are shown front-and-center. What will happen when everyone has access to a replicator that can make all the necessities of life - food, shelter, clothing - in as much abundance as anyone would ever need?

Maybe that will result in disaster the likes of which would strain the imagination... but maybe not.

Whatever the outcome, I'm pretty sure such technology would render the notions of 'capitalism' and 'communism' somewhat useless. Star Trek's socioeconomic ideas don't seem to be so out there as to be implausible.

Comment Re:I've always found age discrimination odd (Score 3, Insightful) 144

Since it's pretty much a fact that you can work longer and harder when you're young. And it's not like experience is all that important in a brand new field. I understand why the working class is against it. We all get old but very few of us can stop working at 40. But I sorta wish we working class folks could be more honest about it and just admit we're protecting our own interests. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that but we act like we're doing something disdainful...

Programming isn't like shoveling coal - working harder and longer usually results in worse output. And experience can be a very strong productivity multiplier.

If you had any tech experience at all you'd know this.

... what are you doing here?

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