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Comment Re:I feel like I'm repeating myself. (Score 1) 406

That's not a fair comparison. If you want Android, you have a multitude of devices to choose from and it comes down to niche differences which one you will choose. Apple doesn't give you choice. So, obviously, there'd be less Galaxy Nexuses sold than an iPhone 4S (even though they haven't gone on sale yet, i know they won't outsell the 4S) because the consumer has more choice. Sorta like what would happen if the one of the two main political parties split. Even if there were more combined votes for Party 1a and Party 1b together, there'd most likely still be more votes for Party 2 compared with either 1a OR 1b. It's simply because you're given more choice. Personally, I think since Samsung and Apple have different business models, it's pointless to compare any sales numbers. Hell, I could say that on a phone by phone basis, there's no comparison because Apple doesn't have a phone that competes with the Galaxy Nexus. I mean, have you seen the size of that screen? Apple offers no products in that market. You can twist anything to make one superior to the other, but its pointless because whatever you're basing it on isn't important to someone else.

Comment Sounds similar to... (Score 1) 172

Sounds similar to the ability some folks have (usually women) of feeling uneasy around sociopaths. They generally fool most people, but sometimes the mind will see something (which we can't put our finger on) that warns you that something is wrong. A sociopath or an human-android could easily be a "wolf in sheeps clothing" and the brain wants to alert you. So, I don't know if its necessarily the same thing as trying to avoid someone who you think is sick, but more that you're subconsciously warning yourself about a possible threat.

Comment Re:not sureprised (Score 1) 493

I believe he may have been implying that the exact opposite could easily be true. Someone working at a company (for simplicity's sake, lets say Microsoft) and leaves. They then do some GPL contributions using code they wrote for their past employer. I'm not saying this is exactly the case, but it easily could be. TFA leaves a large amount of reasonable doubt in defense of Microsoft. He'll require a lot more to prove it. I believe in this country, you're innocent til proven guilty. You'll need a lot more than circumstantial evidence here.

Comment Re:Doubt it's the "bloated codebase" (Score 1) 396

There are Windows laptops with both those features you mentioned (auto-adjusting screen/keyboard lighting). XP is more than capable of it (i know, I own one). From what I'm hearing, Apple provides the drivers and has been known to leave out various features (someone mentioned that you can't click the trackpad to perform a mouse click in XP), so its quite possibly Apple's fault and they may use this as a talking point.

Comment Re:Better way to go (Score 1) 423

Well, the same principle applies. There really isn't any reason why any program should require IE to be the default browser. Write, call, email, etc. to the company and tell them to change their practices. As alternative browsers pickup market share and IE's drops, they'll be forced to update their practices.

I've never used Quick Books, so I can't comment on what parts don't work correctly without IE being the default, but I'm curious to know whether its one of those overblown exaggerations by the developers instead of saying, "We never tested it on this browser because we didn't feel like it," and in the end, the application works just fine whether IE is default or not.

Comment Re:Obsolete (Score 1) 423

Those last two examples sound more like accidents as opposed to attacks. The fact that correct info was sent to every other browser except Opera makes it seem like they just didn't bother testing with Opera and therefore the mistake went unfound until it went public.

Comment Re:Better way to go (Score 1) 423

Thats not MS's fault and those companies don't "work with them regularly." Those are lazy web developers. If you run into a site that is IE only, contact the site, tell them you're not using it because it doesn't support multiple browsers and tell them they lost a customer. If enough people do that, they'll be forced to start allowing other browsers.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 423

I doubt they'll press a CD. They'll either download the installation of your choice or include the installations for those various browsers on Windows (not sure if they'd be allowed to do that though). I think having them link to download pages is the most efficient and best way to go as everyone will always get access to the most recent release of the chosen browser. Its safe to assume an internet connection or else the user is an idiot for trying to browse the web without one.

Comment Re:cat and mouse (Score 1) 396

Did you read what I typed? I said Apple doesn't let you pick and choose. You have to go all Apple or no Apple. Then you, apparently trying to somehow offer a contradiction, point out how you buy all Apple. How is that in any way refuting what I said? Its like you wanted to just jump out and prove my point for me.

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