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Comment Re:gosh (Score 1) 517

I agree that the defendant's argument that it's fair use to download copyrighted music seems not to be based in natural justice, or indeed first-order logic. As far as I can make out, that's what "copyright" means. But it's really only as arcane an argument as the judge's assertion that (and I paraphrase the article for effect) "well, if it was legal to download copyrighted music, then lots of people who currently don't do it would start doing it. And that seems like it wouldn't be a good thing for the music industry, so I rule against it". It surely shouldn't hinge on what the judge thinks is the *moral* perspective on file sharing.

I think all that has become clear to me about this case so far is why I never went on to become a lawyer!

Comment Re:Modems (Score 1) 179

Modulation and demodulation processes don't necessarily involve conversion to/from analogue or digital. They simply involve placing one signal over the top of another before transmission of the combined signal (as in radio transmissions) and removing the original signal upon reception, in order to retrieve information included in that signal. The modulation method is at the user's prerogative, and will involve considerations such as the required propagation distance and acceptable losses of data. DAC or ADC are optional.

Comment Re:Honestly, Officer (Score 1) 849

Good point: the "Carry On" films made millions in the 1960s when we had the Lord Chamberlain's Office overseeing everything that went out in any medium for profanity. Everybody except the dear old LC pissed themselves laughing at the double entendres coming thick and fast (as it were).

"A woman walked into a bar and asked the barman for a double entendre. So he gave her one".

It's only dirty if you've got a dirty mind.

Submission + - SPAM: IBM touts complex math to help handle disasters 1

coondoggie writes: "Call it IBM's Math-To-The-Rescue Program. Big Blue this week said its researchers had created specialized algorithms to help model and manage natural disasters such as wildfires, floods and diseases. The idea is to use high-level math techniques, which IBM calls Stochastic programming, to help speed up and simplify complex tasks such as determining the fastest route to deliver packages, detecting fraud in health insurance claims, automating complex risk decisions for international financial institutions, scheduling supply chain and production at a manufacturing plant to maximize efficiency or detecting patterns in medical data for new insights and breakthroughs. IBM scientists developed a large-scale strategic budgeting framework based on Stochastic algorithms for managing natural disaster events, with a focus on better preparedness for future uncertain disaster scenarios. [spam URL stripped]"
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