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Comment Re:Blood on his hands (Score 0) 489

The reason why other countries in the UN and NATO were not quick to take up arms (Only the US and UK are fighting in Iraq, the rest of NATO is in Afganistan), is that the UN inspectors were not pushed through with military support, so the UN was not finished with their efforts, which was a sure fire way to either verify WMD, or provoke an attack from the Iraq forces on the inspectors, either result would have given full NATO support for the attack. This is a very unpleasant option as it puts a great number of people at risk, if he had WMD he might have been provoked to use them, if soldiers were on the ground, they would have no support and they would likely all be killed. My estimation is that the Blackhawk down event soured the political will to have soldiers wounded or killed, if you look at the numbers from Somalia, the American Forces there kicked ass, it was unfortunate that they left before the country could get back on its feet. Also note your letter does not say only military intervention, it refers to diplomatic and political efforts, which were not fully exhausted as Saddam calls for last minute negotiations went unanswered, as the US was committed militarily to invade at that point.

Comment Re:Team up with the Daily Show! (Score 1, Interesting) 489

It is very hard to provide journalism without editorialism. In reporting the facts, editors choose what to highlight and sometimes what to show. Fox News has the same sources as any other news organization and the facts they display are fairly neutral, however their comentators are extreamly right wing, and the majority of programming is comentators, as straight news with no commentary on contex is real boring. I hate most of what Glen Beck has to say, but he usually qualifies his comments by identifying them as his opinion, which most comentators won't do, because they are trying to sell every word out of their mouth as fact, such as Bill O'Riely, and many others. Unfortunately most commentators don't like to be contradicted, I prefer the McLaughlin Group on PBS, it has a nice cross section of left and right wing commentators.

Comment Re:WTFLOL (Score 0) 70

This is the best thing I've seen all day. Although I did just get up, and I have only looked at my computer screen, oh wait... its the garbage can, now it's the second best thing I've seen all day. Still really cool though.

Comment Re:Reminds me of kids. (Score 0) 460

I don't consider it global warming, I like to think of it as "climate change". So every time there isn't data that supports my arguments, and your freezing your ass off in winter I can point to the artic and local glaciers and say "It's not supposed to be cold here!! It's supposed to be cold over there!!". I don't know what causes weird weather but its pretty interesting.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what country you are in... (Score 0) 667

I'm Canadian and what you say is true, but has your life changed? The only incident that impacted your life is a protest where you were prevented from getting in proximity to the PM? Correct me if I'm wrong but the RCMP pepper sprayed many people in 1997 at the Vancouver APEC summit, when Jean Cretien was the PM, so why now when the RCMP plan ahead, to avoid conflict and to prevent people from being injured or killed, is this an issue? You talk about his abuse of power, if it is with-in his position to power to porogue parliment and your not in favour of this, why don't you take this issue to your MP, and have them table a bill to remove this power from that position? Do you think it was any better with the Liberals? or the PC's before that? When did Harper try to dismantle the CBC? Sure there are funding cuts, but it would be a career killer if ever publically tryed to do that. What's wrong with making the CBC competitive, and partially privatizing it? Why should CTV and Canwest Global have to compete with federally funded corporations? I'm not saying that it should be turned over to private hands, but the CRTC has an opinionated view of how media is operated. The CRTC has in the past, openly discriminated against applications for radio in small markets to control the type of music that apears on FM. What I am saying as these things don't always revolve strictly on the elected party. They are in a minority, if they are doing that bad of a job, the opposition should vote down a budget and we can have another election.

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