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Comment Re:it's true you boys (Score 4, Interesting) 557

SSDs are expensive when you're buying by the thousands and consider that, aside from boot times, they don't impact PC performance enough to justify the cost for MOST PCs.

It takes my work PC about ten minutes to get to a working desktop. Probably two minutes to actually boot to windows, three or four to get to the Windows logon (anyone who works Windows domains has learned that if you don't have some wait times built in, policies may not load and you get support calls), then another three to five after I log in for all the scripts, antivirus, citrix, and other crap to run before my desktop is fully functional.

Sure a MacBook Air can boot in under a minute. It also can't run most of what we use and costs WAY more than the average business computer.

Comment Evolution? Not quite (Score 1) 360

Altruism didn't evolve in these robots, they programmed them to be able to share, and those more likely to share with their kin were more successful. The only way the altruism would EVOLVE is if it arose spontaneously.

This is more like saying God decided it was time for fish to get out of the water, so he gave them lungs.

Comment Re:Fascinating yet has me concerned for their heal (Score 1) 360

aches and pains, sure. There are some practices by chiropractors which can at least temporarily relieve the problems which cause pain. The problem I have with them is that they are temporary; once you start visiting, you go back over and over for pain relief. They don't treat the underlying problem.

Disease? What disease has been cured by chiropractic treatment? Swelling of the wallet?

Deafness? Seriously?

And the colic thing has been so soundly refuted I'm just going to point and laugh.

Comment Re:Don't talk about work... (Score 1) 475

It's possible to make friends at work. I've done it plenty of times.

Until recently, I worked with a good friend. We were friends before I took the job and remain friends. While we worked together, we spent very little time socializing outside of work. In the past year since I was laid off, we have gone back to hanging out on weekends like we used to. Remember than when you're around a friend 40-60 hours a week, you probably aren't going to go out of your way to spend weekend time with them as well. It's when you don't work together any more that you start choosing to spend time together.

Comment Re:Lunchbreaks (Score 2) 475

Jimmy, John, you guys aren't fooling anyone. We see the looks you two give each other when you think no one is looking. We notice how you always leave work together. The company doesn't have a policy against office romance, but what you did in the copy room last week...that's just disgusting.


Comment Re:Apple apologist (Score 4, Insightful) 422

Red light cameras, when used properly, are great. They do a great job of stopping the idiots who think "just one more" is okay. The problem comes when they are treated as a source of revenue: the camera warning signs get taken down (I've seen this happen in a nearby town) and then the yellow light cycle is shortened to get tickets from people who actually know the light timings. My hometown installed cameras a few years ago, and one very bright member of the city council managed to push a law through which required warning signs within xxx feet of the intersection AND mandated yellow light times according to the speed limit. Their ticket revenue went up and then back down, and the accident rate went down as well.

Likewise, anonymous speed data would be hugely useful to city planners. If people are constantly speeding through an area that has almost no accidents, they could consider raising the speed limit on a trial basis. People who drive 55 in a 45 all the time will usually drive 60 in a 50, so ticket revenue will still be there. Higher speed limits mean being able to move more cars through on the same lanes, rather than having to sink money into additional lanes when a road gets overcrowded.

Comment Re:WTF!? (Score 1) 154

It's what happens when science becomes someone's religion. Creationist groups like the ICR work the same way: start with your conclusion and work backwards, rejecting anything that doesn't support the conclusion. More and more scientists with political motives are doing this sort of thing. It's frightening.

Comment Dumb cars (Score 1) 112

I rather like the idea of "dumb cars" being a factor now, because it means that when the "smart cars" or their users fail to be quite so smart, the cars around them can react without being able to communicate with them. It would be quite dangerous if they all operated on the assumption that every vehicle on the road was talking to them.

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