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Submission + - The Next 25 Years in Tech (

PCWMike writes: "PCs may disappear from your desk by 2033. But with digital technology showing up everywhere else — including inside your body — computing will only get more personal, reports Dan Tynan for PC World's 25th Anniversary. For a look at the current status of some predictions made in old science-fiction films and TV shows, check out our slide show, Five Sci-Fi Scenarios That Will Come True."

Submission + - Big Delays, Small Laptops: OLPC XO Recipients Mad (

PCWMike writes: "The charitable Give One, Get One XO laptop program comes under fire by participants who say they've suffered chronic delivery snafus and delays. One such buyer: "I'm a big supporter of the OLPC and think it's a fantastic mission, but there comes a point where you've got to say enough is enough." Those who paid for their laptop using a PayPal account seem to be disproportionately affected. PC World's Editor in Chief, Harry McCracken — another who got his order in early — is also stirred by his giving/getting experience: "The most important XO laptop I paid for was the one that was meant for some child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia or Rwanda, and if it indeed got there in a timely fashion, I'm happy. But ... if OLPC's fulfillment house lost the addresses of at least some of the people who made donations through PayPal. And I can't figure out why they didn't e-mail those people early on to put things right. (In my case, at least, they instead repeatedly suggested that my XO would show up real soon now.)"

Submission + - What Will--And Won't--Happen in 2008 (

PCWMike writes: "It's that time of year again, when every half-wit with a Web site makes predictions about the world of tech. We're no exception — but we decided to do things a little differently. We picked the ten most common predictions from scores of trend watchers, and then picked them apart using our secret weapon: a Magic 8-Ball. (Full disclosure: In some cases we had to shake the ball a few times to achieve the right answer.) Sometimes we agree with the prognosticators; other times, we don't. Predictable, no?"

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