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Comment Skilled in what exactly? (Score 2) 195

Because it certainly does n't sound like it is in object orientated program design. Being able to code is just one part of being a skilled programer, being a "rockstar" style coder may seem impressive but banging out pages of code at a time is never a good sign and I say this as someone who spent a good five years working this way.

It is only when you have to maintain your own code for years that you start to step back and think more because at the end of the day you can not code your way out of trouble, well you can but the result is never pretty or maintainable.

Personally I find that I spend around 25% thinking, 25% coding, 25% testing and 25% documenting any one problem. The 50% spent testing and documenting is n't fun by anymeans but it's a necessary discipline. It's all about taming your inner coder and I think this is what the majority of these frameworks do indirectly by creating road blocks so that you have to hit the breaks every so often.

Comment Great Hardware (Score 4, Interesting) 134

Just saying that going with Android makes Nokia another "me too" company totally discounts that Noka phones are always beautifully designed and very robust.

The last two nokia phones I've had have terrible software problems but I could not fault the hardware. Where as my experience with HTC phones one had a joystick that broke and my current HD2 has had the USB power connector fail on me.

If they had gone with Android they could have easily competed with Samsung and had a good percentage of the Android smartphone market. The problem is Elop somehow managed to convince people that with Windows Mobile he could restore past glory and be like Apple. Sure they now have nearly have 100% of the Windows Mobile market, but whats that at the moment? 1% of smartphones?

The thing is Elop does n't understand the industry, he came from Microsoft. He's a Microsoft man, the question at the time should have been something like this "We have two available OS options, one has a proven record of being something customers want and the other has failed pretty badly up to now." . Which one would you go with? Sure you will have to compete with Samsung with the same OS, but they're now competing with Apple, Samsung and everyone else with a different OS and failing badly.

Regardless, it's a moot point now but I don't recall anyone at the time saying this was going to end well for Nokia.

Comment Re:ARM64 is a mess (Score 1) 160

> In the end, the few uses of conditional execution

That why x86 introduced cmov for doing conditional mov ?

I'd wager that there is n't a conditional move uOP when the x86 cmov instruction is decoded, in fact on the original P6 arch there is n't a major speed improvement by using cmov in fact cmov performance various considerably from processor to processor.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight (Score 1) 405

I'd wager that a large percentage of the 47% are businesses with a large number of seats and pretty much a standard application set, introducing a new application into these kind of environments are normally a big descision anyway with the likelyhood of a role out of new hardware/OS.

If the support contract for your software has come to an end and the supplier is no longer willing to support older software then you obviously have a business case for an upgrade. However as Microsoft will provide security updates for XP until 2016 why upgrade now?

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