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Journal Journal: Monkey hore

I downmod that dirty simian whore, tripmaster, and it jumped back to 5 within seconds! His comment is nothing more than a whiny grammar natzi, yeah, they meant that the surface of the planet has solid stuff on the surface that would be a liquid at earth temperature. Not the best writing around, but are you an idiot? I need mod points that do more than one at a time.
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Journal Journal: Fuck i have mod points

What the hell do you do with them? It says "Concentrate on promoting more than demoting". Maybe I could cause some mischief with one of my troll friends.
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Journal Journal: Ye Fickle godz of slashdot

One day I come in and my kharma goes from 'good' to bad. I only recieved 2 negative moderation points and 5 good ones. How did this happen? I guess they don't like me.
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Journal Journal: stupid advertising people

When are these advertising idiots going to realize that a man staring at you is a challenge to a fistfight? I want to kick that macromedia developer guy's ass. As if those wrox zombies aren't bad enough.
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Journal Journal: I tried to reform 2

Well i tried to reform, but i could help myself. Something about 'hobbit bones' got the best of me.
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Journal Journal: Friends and Foes

What is a foe? I guess it is different things to different people... to me the enemy that all that is good is the karma whore. karma whoring is fagtastic, and if i could i would split all karma whores members in one chop.

Conversly, A well constructed troll is the highest artform.

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