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Yellowstone Supervolcano Larger Than First Thought 451

drewtheman writes "New studies of the plumbing that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park shows the plume and the magma chamber under the volcano are larger than first thought and contradicts claims that only shallow hot rock exists. University of Utah research professor of geophysics Robert Smith led four separate studies that verify a plume of hot and molten rock at least 410 miles deep that rises at an angle from the northwest."

A Bad Week for Symantec 239

Evan Hughes writes "NeoSmart Technologies has published a scathing editorial regarding 3 high-profile mistakes by Symantec Corp. — all in less than a week. In what seems to be a string of stupid mistakes culminating in the infection of CNN-parent Turner Broadcasting Systems by Rinbot— a virus dedicated to the eradication of Symantec from the known world."

Submission + - BBC reported WTC-7 collapse 20 minutes early?

An anonymous reader writes: "An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head." was the quote I saw on digg. The video discussed can be found at youtube. BBC responded with a article called "Part of the conspiracy?". I ask the Slashdot community: What do you think? Simply a "cock-up" as Richard Porter of BBC put it?
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Boycott the RIAA in March

n0tWorthy writes: Gizmodo is starting up a boycott of RIAA sponsored music for the month of March. I think the entire slashdot community could and should get behind this one! Come on SlashDot, let's kick the RIAA's a$$!!

Submission + - IE 7 now an Optional Update?

DikSeaCup writes: "I've been noticing over the past week or so that the previously (unless I was hallucinating) "Critical Update" of "Internet Explorer 7" on the Microsoft Update site was no longer listed as a "Critical Update", and is now listed under the "Optional Software" category. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this? I haven't seen any relevant news items about it — have I suddenly been transported to Japan without realizing it?"

Submission + - Windows Vista Validation Problems Arise

An anonymous reader writes: Is there a problem with Windows Vista validation or not? The issue is getting murky. In a recent KnowledgeBase update, entitled "You may be prompted to activate Windows Vista on a computer on which Windows Vista activation was not previously required," Microsoft claims to have fixed what they acknowledge is a system problem. However, two bloggers think there's still an issue. IWeek blogger Alex Wolfe writes that about his own revalidation experience, where a support person hung up on him. And ZDNet's Ed Bott discusses a wave of validation and activation problems. Finally, users themselves are weighing with their problems on Microsoft's own forums. Have you had any problems with WGA? More importantly, do you think this could seriously undermine adoption of Vista?

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