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MS Seeks Patent For Repossessing School Computers 299

theodp writes "Microsoft has applied for a patent for 'securely providing advertising subsidized computer usage.' The application describes how face-recognition webcams and CAPTCHAs can be used in schools to ensure that computer users are paying attention to ads, and the recourse of 'disabling or even repossessing the computer' if they are not."
The Internet

Submission + - Social Media Now Mainstream, Says Web 2.0 Journal

An anonymous reader writes: Web 2.0 Journal's Dion Hinchcliffe has tried to synthesize various datapoints to define the state of 'social media,' anno domino 2007. He draws on Dave Sifry's latest State of the Blogosphere stats, on YouTube's latest factsheet for the video side of the equation, combines with Google Trends results vis-a-vis podcasting. Despite Slashdot's own status as the archetypical social media success story, Hinchcliffe stil feels it necessary to spell out that 'It's all about pull, not push' — but then again he is attempting to propagate social media within the enterprise, which of course lags about 10 years behind the rest of us on the Web! [From the article] "As you shape a social media community, understanding how to make embrace pull instead of push is one of the core techniques. In social media, people are in control of their conversations, not the pushers."

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