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Comment Government & Internet (Score 1) 332

Why is it that most of the major powers in the world are trying to control the internet to an greater extent than their control of their own cities streets?

I can walk down any major street in any major city and be offered sex, drugs, cult pamphlets and weapons. How can the internet change this?

The truth of the matter, simply is that the governments are saving face. Parents of the world (majority if we like it or not) are concerned about their children's exposures on the internet. So, instead of cleaning up the streets and fighting real crimes. They strike out at something they think they can control.

But until legislature like this one that violates every rights charter and code in the 'free world' (if that exists anymore) is introduced, it's not possible. Now it seems all too close to reality.

This is something that should be stopped. I'm not sure about australian law, but the police should need a warrant to enter a home, regardless of the medium, be it the front door or a T1 line. And I should be notified that there has been a warrant to search my house(computer) before the search is done.

If you have read Orwell's 1984, you know that the big-brother world is not one that you want to live in. And legislature like this is precisely what could lead to such a state.

--A very frightened Ozzy

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