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Comment Re:Ask the Longshoremen about basic income! (Score 1) 723

You need to study the UBI proposals a lot more.

For employed people there is a soft cut-off as their pay rises. The important thing is that at no point are they better off by not working, which is definitely the situation at present.

At some (quite low) point in their progress up the pay scale, they begin paying sufficient tax to balance their UBI.

The only thing which really changes is the threshold where paying net tax begins.

Comment Weird summary (Score 1) 128

What a weird summary:

The new codec isn't "competing with single-sideband modulation".

Normal SSB is unprocessed speech. So the codec is simply competing with natural speech.

The claim that SSB "is used by ham contesters to score the longest-distance communications using HF radio" is just plain wacky. So they use natural speech too talk to each other???

Comment Re:Simple, I don't run Win 7/8.1, I run Win 10 (Score 1) 405

I do agree. I still use Windows because so much of my essential software will only run on Windows.
I have a string of Unix qualifications dating back many years. I have a couple of Linux machines and periodically try new releases, but I always seem to run into some major problem...

However my main dislike of Linux is what I perceive as the childish users and flakey implementations. Really garish screens with dragons, blood, skulls and the like.

This whole thread is such a good example. The original OP asked a reasonable question, and got nothing back except a string of childish rants. If only the Linux fans could see that their schoolboy attitude is holding Linux back...

Comment Accurate clocks (Score 1) 291

The modern clock chips (eg the Maxim DS3231) are incredibly accurate, eg around a minute per year without user calibration.

Alternatively there are many projects using a cheap GPS module to provide a time and date readout.

I'm not sure about commercial products though, sorry.

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