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Comment Not THE Gamera, just 'Gamera.' (Score 1) 87

As in, Big Giant Turtle That Flies? You know, friend to children, Japanese movie monster, serious under-bite, shoots flames from mouth, extremity holes, etc.

I can't help wondering if multiple blades fastened to some sort of really thin but strong ring would be better? Like three blades would be a lot more stable? But what do I know?

PS Someone should take the footage, speed it up, make it black and white and play player piano music in the background.... :-)

Comment Instant Gratification Indeed (Score 1) 369

Wait... So in the past people would:
  • Hear a song on the radio, like it
  • Weeks later when it is released, someone buys it, posts the torrent to it
  • Pirate song weeks after it is released

But now, thanks to their brilliant plan, that has changed to:

  • Hear a song on the radio, like it.
  • Someone buys it That Day, posts the torrent.
  • Pirate song on the day of release.

Ohhh kay then.

Comment Re:How about some nice menus instead? (Score 1) 617

... There's no reason Open Office needs to ape Microsoft's mistakes.

Ape? Ape is a verb now? I was just getting used to parrot being a verb. What's next, Coyote? I'd sure hate for Ubuntu to coyote Mac OS 15. And I'm not sure how I feel about the ipod Rigellian Bloodwoming the Palm pre.

Slightly on topic, I'm not a fan of the ribbon.

Comment Re:Not a new idea (Score 1) 221

I am surprised that no one mentioned the theory of Nemesis? Oh wait, there was a Slashdot story ( on it, or at least on the possibility.

According to this site ( :

"Nemesis' existence was proposed in 1984 by American physicists Daniel Whitmire and Albert Jackson (The University of Southern Louisiana) and also by Richard Muller, Piet Hut & Davis M. in 1984 in order to explain an apparent 26-million year cycle in the occurrence of mass extinctions on Earth, like the one that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, as noted by Raup and Sepkoski."

So, simplified, the other sun rotates in and drags a whole bunch of crap out of the Oort cloud and wipes out (almost) everything. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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