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Comment Reality Check (Score 0) 310

I have never played (or seen) any of the GTA series, however this did catch my eye...

"Jim Cooper, general manager of corporate affairs for Target, explained that customers have voiced a "significant level of concern about the game's content."

Whoah .... Hold the phone .... "customers" ?
If they really were or are customers then they bought the game. Can one then assume they returned it for a "no questions asked refund", which Target pretty much do in Oz. If not, then they were not "customers", but dare one suggest the "vocal minority" who do nothing but wreak havoc and mayhem while jumping on a band-wagon to push a cause without taking 2 seconds to look at what they are complaining about.

FWIW, I still have no interest in looking at any of the GTA series. If you ask me, from the title alone ...the puckers should have been locked up for the first one where they even suggested the concept of stealing some poor bastards car was a fun thing to do, and a bit of a game!

Comment Correst Response = do not try to predict outcome (Score 1) 800

If all possible solutions result in an undesired outcome.

The only correct way to handle this is; if at ignition on request, the super-smart autonomous vehicle computes that a life threatening scenario could develop while operating, it should refuse to start, thereby prohibiting the scenario from developing in the first place.

... Never test for an error you don't know how to handle.

Comment Seriously (Score 1) 384

While RCS may be well and good, it won't necessarily show what was deleted or why.

My rule of thumb is to comment out the old stuff, and date it. If it is still there after a few months and the new stuff has been working without anyone noticing or commenting (in a negative fashion), this it's pretty safe to delete it and leave any history/archiving to RCS. Before doing the final delete, I will usually still put a comment in the function/proc header (if I hadn't already done so) about the deletion/major-change as this is more often than not the only thing that is really seen.

Submission + - Has copyright trolling reached a new low? (

An anonymous reader writes: Prenda Law — one of the most notorious copyright trolls — has sued hundreds of thousands of John Doe defendants, often receiving settlements of thousands of dollars from each. Prenda Law principal John Steele has reportedly made a few million dollars suing BitTorrent file-sharers. Prenda Law has been accused in federal court of creating sham offshore corporations using the identity of his gardner. In other words, it is alleged that the law firm and their client are the same entity, and that Prenda law has committed identity theft and fraud. Now, a judge in California has granted a John Doe defendant's motion to further explore the connection between the offshore entity and the law firm. With lawyers and their clients allegedly one in the same, has copyright trolling reached a new low?

Comment Are you studying Computer Science or Programming? (Score 4, Funny) 582

If so ...

This is the basic test to see if you are worth letting back for the second semester.
As you have posted this question on /. I suggest your consider a different career path.

As you obviously want other technical people to get you out of trouble and solve all of your problems for you, I suggest you look at Sales and or Marketing.
Something tells me you have a natural aptitude for either of these.


Submission + - Siri and privacy (

Enoughads writes: A paper from last year predicts the trend toward ever more social interfaces like Apple's Siri and suggests that they raise unique privacy concerns, beyond just collecting information. Will you search for the same things if it feels like you're asking a person? Can you ever experience solitude, surrounded by devices or apps your brain thinks of as people?

Comment Won't someone please think of the Children (Score 1) 212

Comment Re: Opposition and Green parties scare mongers ! (Score 4, Interesting) 62

With respect. You are a numb-but, otherwise known as a "muppet".

If you haven't realised or woken up to the fact that the NBN is really a smoke-screen thrown up the the Grubber-mint as a back-door way to totally control Internet access within our country, I suggest that you scour the fine pages on Slashdot and just take a quick look at what has occured recently in other counties where the Grubbermint has had absolutely no control over the pipe leading into their fine land to inform the general population.

In case you are to think to understand, the NBN is Labors back-door mechanisim to control the flow of information in and out of this place because they didn't get it past the general population when they used the old American trick of Motherhood and Apple-Pie when wrapped into the blanket of kiddie-porn and terrorism the way the Yanks seem to continually do.

Make no bones about it. The NBN has nothing to do with access. It is about "control" at any and all costs. With a Grubbermint as the Naitional ISP and ultimately controlling the pipes, what more or less would.could you expect?

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