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Comment Re:BrickerBot (Score 1) 102

Imagine you're at a shopping mall, some nut comes in and starts throwing knives at passersby, taking out one shopper every five to ten seconds. There's a grandpa there packing a 9mm under his coat.

False equivalence. In order to be comparable your "grandpa" would have be driving around town, spotting people with knives that grandpa considers dangerous, and then executing them. See Duterte for a great example of how this goes.

Comment Re:BrickerBot (Score 1) 102

so vigilante is least bad solution here.

A bad solution is still a bad solution. And vigilanteism is still vigilanteism. And DDOS attacks using infected devices are nothing new, it is just that IoT have opened up a new attack vector. Look at how many Windows based computers have been involved in DDOS in the past.

What we have here is:

1. Unknown person breaks into a computer they do not own.
2. Unknown person does stuff to this computer (unknown to the owner) under the pretense of "fixing it".
3. Ironically (according to TFS) the unknown person may also be using this computer to further propagate the fix.

How would you feel if this was your IoT device that was attacked?

(And no, I am not defending IoT manufacturers for their poor practices)

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 120

I don't think so. Stars still have legal rights over their likeness. I think you'd have a lot of trouble getting away with saying something like "Starring... ... a voice like Carrie Fisher's, etc...".

Star power isn't going anywhere. There's really no logical reason that famous film stars are also billed prominently for animation, and yet that's what we have.

Spoiler alert. I don't think that Carrie is going to be complaining about it much*.

* Too soon?

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 4, Informative) 437

Then I'll hang it all out to dry.

Now I understand that stateside having clothes hang outside is a sure sign of poverty. While I'm certainly not rich, there is no such stigma here.

In the county where I am in the US there are by-laws that prohibit hanging washing outside*, and from what I understand this is not uncommon.

  In addition there are by-laws that prohibit using furniture and items that were intended for inside use, from being used outside your house. I assume this was to stop people putting old couches on their front porch. But a few years ago a local was prosecuted for using an old bath tub as a planter in their backyard. The kicker was that you couldn't see the bath tub from the street.

Home of the free. Yeah, right.

* And at this time of the year you wouldn't want to hang your clothe outside. There is so much pollen flying around that your clothes would be unrecognizable.

Comment I already see 5% (Score 1) 168

For at least 5% of cars on the road they already seem to be driving themselves.

Those self driving car engineers need to step up their game because the weaving side to side and driving well below the speed limit in the passing lane on the freeway is a dead give away that their algorithms can be improved.

Comment Re:A nice, simple law would help (Score 1) 316

"If the consumer can not repair the purchased item, then the vendor must provide free parts and labour for the advertised lifetime of the item, provided within a reasonable response time for the industry and item in question".

Yes judge, my client suffer from a rare form of dyslexia in which he can never remember which way to turn a bolt or a screw, in order to either loosen or tighten, on any sort of farm equipment. Due to this debilitating condition he is unable to repair any of the equipment he owns. As such we respectfully petition the court to force Tractors 'R' Us to comply with the law and provide for free all repairs and maintenance to equipment that my client has purchased from them, and that said repairs and maintenance needs to be done in a timely manner in order ensure that the farm does not irreparably suffer financially.

In addition we have noted that the most timely way to determine if said repairs and maintenance are needed is for the person doing the repairs and maintenance to be intimately involved with the operation of the equipment. Thus we request that Tractors 'R' Us supply personnel to drive my clients equipment during the upcoming harvest in order that they can recognize and and repair problems as soon as they arise during a critical phase of farm operations.

Comment Re:About 20-30 years too late on this one (Score 3, Insightful) 329

No university can teach someone how to be a passionate nerd.

On the other hand a good degree will introduce you to concepts and rigor that you would otherwise not encounter if you were self taught.

Just yesterday I was mapping out a solution to a small software task that involves sampling analog data. My EE degree of 30 years ago (oh shit that long!) kicked in and I knew that I would have to implement a low pass filter at some point in the data stream and knew why I had to do it. At which point I looked up some digital filtering code and knew the sorts of filters I wanted to implement and what their characteristics were. And I haven't seriously touched this stuff since I graduated.

Given my career path, digital filtering is something that would never have crossed my horizon if I had of been self taught. Yet here I am with a complete understanding of what I need to do.

On the third hand I am now wishing I did that elective on compiler construction as I have a task that really needs me to build a compiler for a specific language so that I can mine the analysis phase for some code metrics. I know that I will get there eventually .. but it is going to take a lot of preliminary reading just to get to the productive point.

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