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Comment Re:Almost no surveillance concern at all, really (Score 1, Funny) 48

You're correct about the power and communications. Consider, however, the agent or pervert next door who uses this to spy on you.

And your point is? If the nefarious agent wants to spy on me he can already do that without me knowing about it, especially if he has state backed solutions to do things like install surveillance gear anywhere in and around my house, or even inject code into my laptop and watch the webcam to see what I am doing. And if he really wants to spy on me he has the budget to do so.

The pervert has less ability to access the internals of my house and or computer, but can still easily put up surveillance gear external to my house to see anything that is easily viewable, and again I won't know.

Also consider in what devices such a thing may be implanted.

OK .. into what? An orange? A book? A spider?

Comment Re:Nielsen Wants You to Think They Are Still Relev (Score 1) 184

The fact of the matter is that they have been struggling for years to keep pace with the barrage of new video consumption
choices Americans have.

Streaming services like Netflix have a perfect idea as to what people are watching. But I have a vague recollection that they don't publicly release their stats.

Comment Re:No TV for over 15 years now (Score 4, Funny) 184

I pretty much have no idea what's going on in the world of media. I can't even name one movie that's in theatres. And I fucking LOVE IT.

The jokes on you. Movie theaters went into decline about 10 years ago when the media companies figured out how to beam information straight into peoples brains. The last mainstream megaplex theatre closed down about 5 years ago, but you can still find some operating as museums where you can take the kids to experience "talkies" like your parents used to do.

Comment Why no mention of Motorola removing the same (Score 4, Interesting) 767

All I have been hearing is Apple, Apple, Apple. Yet from Motorola killed the headphone jack and nobody noticed 10 days ago

There are many interesting things about the Moto Z devices presented yesterday, ultra-thin handsets that bring modularity to Motorola’s lineup of mobile products. One of them is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which absolutely nobody noticed during the event.

Comment Arrived at an airbnb place today (Score 4, Interesting) 211

I've just arrived at an AirBnb apartment for a 2 week stay. When booking the place I was warned not to mention that I was in an AirBnb place as the locals aren't too happy with it. So I have been thinking about such apartments this week, and it seems to be that the hotels are missing out on an opportunity for renting out complete apartments. I generally rent a complete apartment and end up paying less that a hotel in the same area and being 2 or 3 notches of luxury above the hotel and don't have to worry about strangers wandering in every day to clean the place and poke around my belongings. Yeah I know about long stay hotels, but they are sad little things in comparison and don;t give me the same feel as staying in a furnished apartment for an extended stay,

On the other hand I have read all the sorry stories about AirBnb rentals where people have run everything from prostitution rings to wild parties from them. So I can see the benefit of local regulation.

Comment No such thing as a flying car (Score 4, Insightful) 152

Everything that has been touted as a flying car is in reality a Driving Plane.

These devices have to meet much stricter regulation (via entities such as the FAA) than any car would need to meet to be roadworthy. I can take a s ledge hammer to my car and still legally be able to drive it on the road, but try that with a plane and see how far that gets you.

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