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Comment Sure.. my job can be automated (Score 4, Insightful) 409

My job can be automated as soon as someone can create some software that takes multiple sets of ill defined and incomplete specs* and can create a working, tested piece of code that not only does what was written down, but also does what was intended to be written down but never was.

* And in my current line of work there is a set of specs from the final customer, a set of specs from the company that builds the hardware and a set of specs from the company** I am working for that supplies the actual automation. And all of these specs are ill defined and incomplete in their own ways.

** And within that company the group that designs the physical wiring doesn't really converse with the sales critters that bid on the job, or with people like me who end up writing the control software***

*** Maybe they need a "Bender" module to emulate all the swearing I am doing at everyone else?

Comment Re:Should already be habit (Score 5, Insightful) 172

It got to be a habit for me at a previous job when I had co-workers who would hope they can get their hands on an unattended machine. One poor schlub left his machine unattended while I was out at lunch. When I came back from lunch, the guy who left the machine unattended was being fired because his machine mysteriously sent nasty E-mails to C-level brass and their families, the source code he was working on was replaced with just commented out rants and checked into SVN, and copy of some phishing message with Locky attached was executed from his machine.

That says more about the quality of the company culture than anything else. Did someone do this because they were so pissed off at the C levels that they felt that this was a reasonable thing to do? Or did they do this because they wanted to get the victim fired - for whatever reason. And I don't know what is worse .. doing it for the lulz or doing it because of a vendetta.

Comment Package Manager (Score 1) 339

This is really an XCode question. But why does XCode not have a native package manager? I've programmed commercial programs with both Visual Studio and XCode and I can say that NuGet is fantastic for C# and really helps boost the C# ecosystem. Why is there nothing like that for XCode.

Perl and Python also have great external libraries (as probably do other languages that I have never really used)

Oh and BTW why does refactoring of Swift code suck compared to Objective-C?

Comment And well it should. (Score -1) 20

Given that Windows XP support was dropped years ago I would hope that they shut down a crummy rewards program trying to give it away.

The project, that was originally started by Nokia under the name DVLUP rewards program, aimed to reward developers with badges, XP, gift cards and other prizes for developing or incorporating new features in their apps.

Comment Re:Fair Comparison (Score 1) 296

as well as state what time period the 18% drop was over...a day...a month...a year???

Um I know that this is /. but it's genuinely lame to not have read TFS that only contains 4 sentences and states

Earlier this week, on its first trading day of the new year, Bitcoin crossed above the $1,000 mark for the first time since 2013, but it has now tumbled below that level.

Comment Re:since when has it been a business decision (Score 1, Insightful) 293

You supply email in text and HTML format because people who do real and meaningful work on desktops and laptops want to see the text, not HTML.

So .. I'm don't do real and meaningful** work because I like to see HTML in emails? Way to go to invalidate me as a person.

Sure, plain text has a place, but with HTML I can reply to a colleagues email and highlight my comments or point out issues in various colors in the body of the email* rather than breaking things bit by bit as I would have to do in a plaintext email.

* See what I did here? I used HTML to emphasize the point I was making. How would you easily do that in plain text?

** I suppose then I should throw in the towel over this control system software I am writing right now for this $$$ ship to shore crane, because by extension it isn't meaningful work.

Comment Re: Can't be worse than FL human drivers (Score 5, Informative) 131

Actually Uber's argument is that their technology is not really fully autonomous and it's more like Tesla calling their system auto pilot.

So if you have Teslas driving on california why can't you have Ubers'?

Aside from the point that you seem to be conflating production vehicles with test rigs, how about the fact that Tesla went and got their $150/year permit in CA?

The following companies have their CA permits. Only Uber is being an uber douchebag about it.

Volkswagen Group of America
Mercedes Benz
Delphi Automotive
Tesla Motors
GM Cruise LLC
Zoox Inc.
Drive.ai Inc.
Faraday & Future Inc.
Wheego Electric Cars Inc.
Valeo North America, Inc.
NextEV USA, Inc.
Telenav, Inc.
NVIDIA Corporation

Taken from the CA DMV site Application Requirements for Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program

Comment Re:REALLY? (Score 2) 42

The robot is a freagin' joke. This is a publicity stunt. The only way this thing works is with the support crane

The cane is obviously there to stop the dam thing crashing to the ground if it over balances for whatever reason. Even Boston Dynamics does that with their prototypes.

As is it has absolutely ZERO real world application and even less than zero in a combat situation, short of maybe something in a movie.

We need to come up with the robotic equivalent of

No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.

Comment Too much TV, yeah right (Score 4, Interesting) 189

Saying that there is too much TV implies that I should be trying to watch every show on TV. But if different segments of the population watch different types of shows then who cares how many shows there are on TV? That's simply called having a choice.

Unless of course you mean all those "reality" shows that have* to die.

* note that my list of shows that have to die may differ from other peoples lists. But here on /. I'm pretty sure that I can safely say that every damn ghost hunter/big foot hunter/alien hunter etc reality show needs to die a painful death.

Comment Re:DMV requirements (Score 1) 151

Or it could be that Uber doesn't believe their cars are Autonomous since they still need drivers.

Given that the DMV has the power revoke the registration of the Uber vehicles (and has done so in this case), what Uber thinks is irrelevant.

Given that Uber has not even tried to appeal this and is instead pulling out of CA suggests that Uber knows how tenuous their claim is.

Comment DMV requirements (Score 4, Informative) 151

The CA DMV has this page listing the requirements for testing self driving cars. They are not onerous. Speculate as you will why Uber doesn't want to comply. It could be anything from having to report incidents on a per yearly basis to not allowing commercial operation (eg not picking up actual customers) or even just a general "fuck you, we're Uber".

Application Requirements for Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program

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