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Comment FFS Beau skip adding the additional links (Score 5, Insightful) 253

Jeez .. are you just adding links to the end to stories just for the hell of it? WTF does the hydrogen one have to do with milk in the first place?

It's doing shit like this that pisses off regulars and drives people away. Just check out how people felt about the last lot of overlords.

The only conclusion I can come to is that you are Timmmmah in disguise (albeit a bad one). So quit making a fool of your self and just leave well enough alone.

Comment Re:Yeah, and what about W.W. II? (Score 1) 115

More relevant to this case is Vickers and Krupp where the British from Vickers owed the German from Krupp a royalty for the shells Vickers sold to the British government for shelling the Germans.

After the war, at The Anglo-German mixed Arbitral Tribunal, Krupp demanded over £300,000 in unpaid royalties between 4th August 1914 and 30th September 1917 plus the interest for the whole non-payment period (1914 to 1926). Despite complaints from a variety of Government institutions about the case not coming to a conclusion, Vickers’ communications were slack. They usually answered, ‘we are consulting our solicitors.’ Their argument was that the Vickers-Krupp contracts specifically stipulated their German nature and therefore the validity of its cancellation during the war. Vickers also insisted it was the government’s responsibility to pay the post-war debts. Government lawyers estimated that should the Germans win the Tribunal case, the Treasury would be liable for half a million pounds sterling, of which Vickers would only contribute £180,000.

After years of legal wrangling, in 1926, Vickers were allowed to negotiate debts directly with Krupp and agreed to pay through the British and German Clearing Offices. On 1st September 1926 Vickers paid £40,000. It seems to be quite a modest estimation of the number of shells made and fired. However, at the same time, Vickers informed the British Government they were purchasing British rights of a Clock Fuze and other patents from Krupp, which must have sweetened the blow.

Comment Re:The real link (Score 1) 52

Even from that link it's not clear how they actually achieve energy savings
There are a lot of software buzzwords, but no real description of how they can reduce
energy consumption. ("Ye cannae change the laws of physics...")

I agree that its light on details but at least I can get a sense of what they are doing is optimizing how and when their cooling systems run based on mining historical data for patterns that are non-obvious to humans and provide more efficient controls than simple control system feedback loops.

And the single graph has no units on the axes.

I don't mind the lack of units. A 40% differential between before and after shows that they are making a hell of an improvement over current systems.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 333

Adding an edit function would be far better than removing the anonymous posting function.

Please don't add editing functionality - legitimate uses would be drowned out by revisionism.

OK, but how would you feel about being able to add to your posts? So that you can clarify what you intended, add additional information, point out stupid typos etc (With such edits being automatically timestamped)

Comment Re:Should be worried about gunfire (Score 1) 96

You could just have easily said returned Vets have shot up over a dozen cops in the last couple of weeks.

...except for the fact that their social media pages were packed to the rafters with anti-cop racist spew (and not, say, pro-military veteran spew).

And you say this knowing how poor the state of returned Vet mental health services are? Even the unhinged Vietnam vet is a well known stereotype 40 years later.

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