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Comment Horrible UI (Score 2) 54

I just tried SL for the first time last month, and had to abandon it in the tutorial. The UI and movement controls we're intolerable. I come from a long history of MMORPGing, with familiarly in diverse control schemes (from UO to WoW to ESO), and yet I just couldn't get used to SL's movement and camera controls. I'll return if/when they ever improve.

Comment Re:Quantity does not equal quality (Score 1) 432

I'm not sure what the point is that you're trying to make, since you simply posted one link and two snarky words. Perhaps you're trying to contradict my point by saying Android sells well, and IT'S a quality product, proving my theorem wrong?

If so, you are mistaken, and are merely proving my point. Yes, Android does sell well, but I, too, think it's pretty a pretty craptastic platform, in desperate need of numerous improvements. This again merely proves my point that the quantity an item sells does not correlate to the item's quality.

Comment Re:This is like a creepy social experiment (Score 1) 129

"Ligten up, Francis."

I have a Facebook account, I share on Google + as well, and I was one of the fist Ingress'ers in my city. I've shared nothing of any consequence to anyone in doing so. My life hasn't nor will it change in any significant way because of these activities which bring me a few moments of fun here and there at the cost of NOTHING to me. I already was a number to corporate America long ago, but I avoid consumerism and its pitfalls on my terms just fine.

Sometimes I wonder why I read /., with all the crackpot tinfoil hat libertarians that troll it....

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