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Comment Re:One way to get more registered voters (Score 1) 1088

There hasn't been a redistricting since 2002, when Democrats and Republicans (who controlled the State Senate) agreed to do a pro-incumbent redistricting. Following that redistricting, Democrats held 19 seats in the state, Republicans 10. Democrats won those 7 Republican leaning seats fair and square in 2004, 2006 and 2008, without further gerrymandering.

Comment Re:One way to get more registered voters (Score 1) 1088

I actually did the map on upstate a few weeks ago, and it turns out that upstate is about 3% more Democrat than the country as a whole: a 3% win for Gore in 2000, a wash between Kerry and Bush, a 10% win for Obama. They went overwhelmingly for Schumer, Clinton, and Spitzer in the last statewide races. Most Upstate Congressional Districts are held by Democrats. It's definitely false to claim that upstate is "Red as a damn stop sign". Upstate is blue.

Comment Re:Languages (Score 1) 176

So is Brain Training for Kids. They've been in the top 10 best selling games for Japan practically non-stop since May. Hell, yesterday, the two games were the two best selling games, period, Adult Brain Training taking the number one spot and Brain Training for kids taking number 2. They've both approaching 500k copies sold.

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