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Comment Re:You call that large? (Score 5, Insightful) 233

What compels comments like this? The first AC posts absolutely nothing of value, just wants to let everyone know that they disagree with a minor point that's completely irrelevant to the OP's question. Thanks for the insight, champ. The followup, probably the same person, goes on to ramble like an old fart telling a useless anecdote about his kid that's barely even related to the topic at hand. At what point did either of these seem like a good idea? Neither of these comments address the question being asked or even attempt to be useful at all. No one cares what you consider a large program and absolutely no one gives a shit about you or your fucking crotch fruit. These comments are just some sad cunt's way of claiming, "I'm more experienced and better than you." Fuck right off.

Comment Not surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 684

Here's a small collection of recent headlines:

The Election is Over, and the Math Geeks Won.

Obama's data geeks have made Karl Rove and Dick Morris obsolete

The Real Election-Day Winner? Math Geeks.

Math nerds score big wins with superstorm Sandy, Obama victory

A library datebase, not just for science nerds

This is only from recent events, but the same type of headlines are repeated all the time. Why the hell would any child want to be good at something that puts them into a category that is openly disdained in our culture?

Data Storage

Submission + - Obama Orders Federal Agencies To Roll Out Electron (computerworld.com)

Lucas123 writes: President Obama this week issued a directive to all federal agencies to upgrade records management processes from paper-based systems that have been around since President Truman's administration to electronic records systems with Web 2.0 capabilities. Agencies have four months to come up with plans to improve their records keeping. Part of the directive is to have the National Archives and Records Administration store all long-term records and oversee electronic records management efforts in other agencies. Unfortunately, NARA doesn't have a stellar record itself in rolling out electronic records projects. Earlier this year, due to cost overruns and project mismanagement, NARA announced it was ending a 10-year effort to create an electronic records archive.

Submission + - Google project maps U.S. geothermal energy potenti (smartplanet.com)

infodragon writes: Excluding inaccessible zones such as national parks and protected lands, the United States has enough geothermal energy, accessible using current methods, to generate 9,000 times as much power as our current coal output. http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2011/10/26/google-funded-project-confirms-vast-potential-for-geothermal-energy/

Submission + - Bank Problem, Or My Problem (steussy.com) 1

buccaneer9 writes: "Odd problem. Two different banking websites are showing the same error on their SSL certificates. Other bank sites are OK. Odd .... Links to error images are above. Sites are juniper.com and servicing.capitalone.com"

Submission + - Facebook to warm up the Arctic Circle (telegraph.co.uk) 1

geekgirl09 writes: "Facebook to build server farm on edge of Arctic Circle
Facebook is to build a multi-million 'mini town' on the edge of the Arctic circle to house all its computer servers, which would us as much electricity as a town of 50,000 people."

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