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Comment Re:Citation Needed (Score 1) 247

I don't know about the scale of abuse increasing or not; that's been hard to find numbers on. Doing some resaerch, though, it seems TIME article (citing studies!) is appropriately named: There's No Comparing Male and Female Harassment Online Interesting stuff I hadn't considered:

women’s harassment is more likely to be gender-based (...) (T)he harassment targeted at men is not because they are men, as is clearly more frequently the case with women. (...) a lot of harassment is an effort to put women, because they are women, back in their “place.”

I won't get into the end part there, not touching that with a ten foot pole. BUT - it's true; very few men are harassed just for being men. Relevant XCKD, perhaps?

Comment Re:You can call for gang rape of Sarah Palin thoug (Score 1) 247

First off, to be clear, I don't think Azealia Banks should get off that one for free. That said? We're talking about it, so she didn't exactly get off without anyone caring, now did she?

racism, bigotry, and sexism against white men don't exist.

Plenty of people are racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted against white men. The difference here is about *systemic* racism and sexism. To compare:

  • Some people being racist against white folks? Shitty, individual racism.
  • A study where identical job applications are sent out, with names like "Johnathan" and "Tyrone." Johnathan gets more callbacks by far. Shittier - systemic racism.
  • A study where identical applications to be professor's assistants were sent out to hundreds of professors, with names like "Robert" and "Samantha." Robert gets far more callbacks. Shittier - *systemic* sexism.

Now, here's the thing - that third one, with the professors? Even women professors judged against the applications based on gender. Very few people in the various "let's get rid of sexism" movements either "hate men" or blame men for everything. That's just not how it is, in reality. Yeah, there are other voices that are louder saying things on the extreme end. Sort of like how most Christians aren't Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church. The US has 247 million Christians. Westboro Baptist Church? 40. Does Westboro Baptist get 1 / 6,175,000th the media coverage? Nope - because people like to amplify and repeat the things that the worst / most extreme people say. And that happens regardless of political affiliation. (Come on - how many Trump supporters are *actually* neo-nazis?)

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