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Submission + - How to deal with or perhaps replace Tivo?

Bomarc writes: "On Friday, Tivo release a patch with had a critical bug. The bug causes the ability to transfers any (ALL) recordings to fail. Last time I called TiVo support they (still) claims that the problem is with an update to Windows 7, which I know to be false, for these reasons: First — the system that I use for transferring files from TiVo uses Windows XP, and hasn’t been updated in two weeks. Direct transfer (also known as back-door or web transfer) also does not work. The bug has impacted both of my TiVo boxes (a ‘Series 2’ and a ‘HD box’).

A Google search of the error message returns another person that has the same problem, and no other relevant results. And a bit of history of TiVo: They will frequently release an update on Friday, and with an annoying degree of regularity, the update will have bugs. Sometimes the bugs are just annoying, sometimes the bugs will be critical.

So my question: can I get away from TiVo? I need a solution that is workable (regular and HD), allow me to record, to let my wife watch TV, and for me to record 3+ shows at a given point in time. I’m not trying to receive non-legal channels, but to watch and record and (optionally) keep the recordings that I’ve made. I don’t mind paying for the service. Most of my searches on this topic don’t end well. Does someone have a viable solution that – when implemented is legal and doesn’t require a masters degree in computer science to understand 'how to make it work'? Something that has the features of TiVo, without the headaches? (I can’t even find a media player to effectively replace the TiVo player’s abilities)

History and background: My wife is NOT a techie. She is still trying to figure out the “URL” vs. the “search box”. I’m a techie. I’ve been working with computers for many years now. Several years ago, I migrated to TiVo for two key reasons The first is that it is simple to use. Though TiVo can be annoying for me, my wife can use it and understand it. The second is its ability to transfer and save recordings to a standard format. Every morning I start my daily transfer of files from TiVo to a local hard drive. Expected usage: Recording and keeping about one TB per month, library of about 65 TB of video (at this time). I use Extreme Movie Manager to track and organize my video collection."

Submission + - SPAM: Zippy

rodrikadems writes: "ZippyTune is a service that allows users to express themselves in the world of music and share their tunes with one another."
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Submission + - HP relaunches HP 15C (

Jerom writes: The HP 15c, back by popular demand!

HP reintroduced the HP 15c Scientific Calculator, first launched in 1982. The 15c is one the most advanced scientific calculators in the HP line-up and an essential tool for scientists and engineers. Also featuring RPN entry, the 15c is programmable and offers built in support for complex numbers, matrix math, numeric integration and root solving.

Discontinued in 1989, the HP 15c has lived on as a mobile app. For a limited time, HP is making the 15c available with its same intelligent design, but with 100 times faster processing speed than the original.

More information about the rich history of the HP 12c and 15c calculators is available at


Submission + - The Light Bulb Moment in the Brain (

An anonymous reader writes: A relatively new tool called optogenetics lets researchers target very specific parts of the brain. Here's a description: "The optical fiber that carries the blue light goes directly into the mouse;s brain. It targets a specific group of brain cells that have been modified to react to light. The experiment uses a technique called optogenetics, developed seven years ago, which can selectively activate or silence groups of nerve cells, or neurons, in real time. And it allows scientists to interact with the brain and begin to map how it works with a degree of detail that was previously unimaginable."

Submission + - U.S Pwned In Space, No One Cares. 1

tetrahedrassface writes: The narrative over the last five years in the U.S. has been rife with an increasing number of attacks on NASA, its funding, how it arrives at its funds, and the governments role in space exploration. The detractors would have us believe that privatization is the only way forward, short of a erstwhile and fully cognizant federal plan. Yet, during this time as we have dallied and preferred to argue over the best course of action, other countries have continued to fund both manned and unmanned platforms on a governmental basis. The result is that Russia is preparing to launch a Soyuz from South America. The Chinese are busy preparing to launch a trial space station in September, and India just overtook Canada's place in space competiviness. Does anyone else care that we are being owned by all these other countries. Isn't it time we get our space program in gear?

Submission + - Court Rules Against F.C.C. in ‘Net Neutralit (

Outsdr writes: A federal appeals court has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks.

Tuesday’s ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is a big victory for the Comcast Corporation, the nation’s largest cable company. It had challenged the FCC’s authority to impose so called “net neutrality” obligations.

It marks a serious setback for the F.C.C., which needs authority to regulate the Internet in order to push ahead with key parts of its national broadband plan.

Comment Been there, done that ... (Score 1) 690

Wasn't the alternative internet popular in the 90s? It was called AOL. It went away for a reason. Like I used to tell friends years ago, the internet is the wild west of the computer world- you're responsible for your own safety, no one else. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Comment Missing the point (Score 2, Insightful) 60

The news isn't that they're doing these riffs, the news is that the are now doing them live via streaming at the site, and then a short live question and answer afterwards. They did one already, and it went well. They released the studio version of the riff, but I haven't seen it to see how different it was from the live version.

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