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Open Source

Submission + - Best Open Source Software of the Year (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld has announced the winners of its sixth annual Best of Open Source Software Awards, including more than 100 worthy projects across seven categories, from desktop apps, to databases, to application development tools. 'We've taken it upon ourselves to plow through all that frenetic activity and dig up the juiciest, smartest, and most useful open source software available. If you'd just like to page through from beginning to end, start here. Stick around in this article and you'll get a tour of the important trends in open source this year.'"

Submission + - BioWare Founders Announce Retirement (

hypnosec writes: BioWare founders and doctors, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced their retirement from the gaming company as well as the video game industry. In two separate blog posts, the founders who were awarded the 2011 Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame announced their decision and their future plans. Muzyka writes, "After nearly two decades in videogames, I’ve decided to move on to pursue an entirely different set of challenges." Zeschuk writes, "I’ve reached an unexpected point in my life where I no longer have the passion that I once did for the company, for the games, and for the challenge of creation."

Comment Re:Absolutely awful. Immoral and catastrophic (Score 1) 840

Your dystopia only exists in science FICTION novels. Try to remember that.

Because, to this day, human genetic engineering has been either unavailable, illegal or not viable.

We already screen for many of these diseases and abort when they appear. A very primitive method, but it works.

Also, because we are fairly intelligent, we can think about the possible bad things that might happen and plan to either avoid or mitigate them. For instance, selecting for selfishness would quickly lead to dystopia. Ergo, we would go out of our way to avoid that. Because a society of sociopaths wouldn't function. Google game theory, joker effect and sociopaths.

And finally, I realize that the article is talking about removal of genetic disposition for behaviors, not genetic defects. That's a much squishier argument, and I'm avoiding it at the moment for the sake of simplicity. Mostly because you started with the generic premise that ANY genetic engineering is wrong.

Comment Re:Still evil (Score 1) 840

Anyway, we should probably stop here. You will not convince me of the "relativity" of morality and I will not convince you of the contrary.

I suggest you go read up on Huntingtons.
If we can prevent that gene from even popping up, we improve lives.

There is NO scenario where being born with Huntington's is a good idea. There is only one "moral" choice here. And while you were tangled in the underpants of semantics, you missed it.

Comment Re:What an elitist (Score 1) 326

"Of course we need agencies like OSHA to protect the workers, and the EPA to stop dumping of chemicals in waterways, and FTC to keep investment banks (gambling houses) separate from savings banks..... but we should try to keep these things as minimal as possible. When they start arresting people for choosing to drink natural milk, then they've gone too far and need to be downsized."

Except that they feed that natural milk to their kids, and it has a tendency to do severe and permanent damage. Enough damage that we, as a society, say you have to clean that milk up before you sell it.

Your argument sounds very close to that of an anti-vaccination nut. You might want to rethink your opinion on that one.


Submission + - Childhood Stress Leaves Genetic Scars (

sciencehabit writes: Traumatic experiences in early life can leave emotional scars. But a new study suggests that violence in childhood may leave a genetic mark as well. Researchers have found that children who are physically abused and bullied tend to have shorter telomeres—structures at the tips of chromosomes whose shrinkage has been linked to aging and disease.

Submission + - Email Systems 5

OneC0de writes: I have been the IT admin for a small/medium business for the last 3+ years. Currently our email system is a IMAP/POP/SMTP setup hosted through another company across the country. We've continually had email problems ranging from dropped connections, and missed messages, to our host forcing our users to a 500MB inbox which we regularly have to flush. We have Small Business Server 2008 in-house running our active directory/group policy. I have normally setup Exchange on SBS for most of my clients but this business in particular is pretty against Exchange (being a Windows product). The owners are ready to upgrade their email system, but are not sold on going to Exchange. Many users at this company are on Thunderbird and don't want to make the switch to Outlook. The owners have asked me to find other email server solutions. One thing their "Linux friend" suggested was iRedMail. They definitely want to host it in-house to save on cost and increase connectivity while at the main office where most emails are done. Many users in the office have 2GB — 10GB of emails stored from the last 7+ years, just on their local machines (not being backed up regularly). Right now there is no shared calendars, or global contact list but they don't see that as a much needed feature anyways. We also use SquirrelMail 1.49 for web access, but it seems old and outdated.

So I guess my question is, are there open-source, or cheap mail servers you would recommend? Is there a good argument for Exchange other than (it's free and sitting in your server room right now, just need to "turn it on")? Would you recommend Exchange or go against it? One of the things the owners would like is anti-spam, anti-virus, and maybe some kind of archiving capabilities. Many users in the office also have mobile phones and would like access to the emails while on the go. Suggestions, comments, complaints, free beer?

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 2) 118

You are not making a fair comparison. The dragon capsule is for delivering goods. For delivering "modules" you would use something else.

Falcon Heavy - 53,000 kg
Space Shuttle - 24,400 kg
Falcon 9 - 10,450 kg

In short, it's a more than adequate replacement. To use your car analogy, the Space Shuttle was an El Camino (with flames) kept long past its prime, and the SpaceX offerings are more like the rental flatbed trucks from the local U-Haul.

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