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Comment on the page scrolling bullshit (Score 1) 140

Try this....scroll down until the article summary is somewhat centered on the page.

Hit Refresh

IMPORTANT: wait for the full page to load, when the tab's indicator stops spinning or whatever

Now scroll down and the top ad should not scroll with you.

The side ad bullshit may take another refresh

I generally browse the main page and open all the stories I want into separate Chrome tabs in the morning and I get this issue all the time now.

...and disabling slashboxes like suggested below doesn't do anything for me either

Submission + - Sears to sell Craftsman tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker (

OutOnARock writes: After controlling the Craftsman name for 90 years, troubled department store operator Sears said it will sell the famous tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

Stanley, which makes and sells tools under the DeWalt and Black & Decker names, wants to grow the Craftsman brand by selling its products in more stores outside of Sears. Today, only 10 percent of Craftsman products are sold in other stores. Sears said it will continue to sell Craftsman, including at its Kmart and Sears Hometown stores. The Hoffman Estates, Ill.-based company first took control of Craftsman in 1927 when it bought the trademark for $500.

When I crack open a computer, more than likely I'm using a Craftsman screwdriver. Am I the only one that sees this as the end of an era?

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