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Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 1) 600

The Kurds don't just want to break away, they want a new Communist state, with no real elections. Its probably better than ISIS, but maybe not. The PKK are crazy, paranoid lunatics, and maybe they have more in common with the Khmer Rouge and Stalin, the way that they kill their own members in paranoid purges. The Kurds are better off ruled by Ankara.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 600

Russia was not only overflying Turkey, but it was bombing Turkey. The men on the ground claim that this jet bombed Turkey before the F-16s shot down the Su-24. Turkey claims it gaves the Russians 10 warnings in 5 minutes and a second Russian jet was closing in when they shot down the Russian plane.

Comment Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 837

The deeper problem is that gas taxes don't cover all the costs of the roads, policing, new roads, maintenance, accidents, etc... As it is, roads are effectively subsidized by the general taxpayer. This kind of tariffing will still increase public transportation use. If car registration fees were much higher, and (indexed to the cost of your car) it might be a more progressive way to tariff road use. I believe both income taxes and gas taxes (and car registration fees) should go up, but thats a more complex issue.

Comment Re:Now Germany! (Score 1) 100

Germany is a laggard in NATO, that fails to spend what is needed. Germany is still a consumer of security, not a provider of it. NATO troops have had to defend Germany for decades, and US troops are still present in Germany. Germany is the most unreliable country in NATO, look at how cowardly they behaved in Afghanistan. It was appalling! Over the Ukraine, Germany covers its eyes and pretends it cannot see what is going on, and tries to appease Russia The airforce is essentially grounded "Only one of its four submarines is operational. Only 70 out of its 180 GTK Boxer tanks are fit for deployment. Just seven of the German navy’s fleet of 43 helicopters are currently flightworthy." Canada has a more reliable military then that, despite spending much less money.

Comment what we now know (Score 1) 529

It is clear that the Rideau Centre shooting never happened... also there was only one shooter, not two. But the RCMP kept the city on lockdown for a day, a school system kept in shelter-in-place, and everyone told to keep indoors, away from windows. It was a lot of excessive panic, and the RCMP failed to recognize the number of shooters. The PM was quiet all day, then gave a speech in the evening with a red/white tie, in front of two flags. The very next day the gov't tried to introduce new security legislation. Total waste of money, and clearly hosing down the security services with money for 6 years has not made them any more competent. It isn't a case of terrorism or Islamic radicalism - this guy was not part of the "Muslim Community". It seems clear he was schizophrenic and unconnected to anybody.Why are we considering a response at all? There are shootings everyday. Its terrible a soldier was shot, but wives, children and innocent men get murdered every day. This is hardly a serious event, even in Canadian history. Canada lost more to terrorism at the Air India incident and at 9/11. I don't know if Canadians will swallow the need for greater powers for the RCMP, who are totally incompetent.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 398

Yeah, its outrageous China is trying to say Japan is the one militarizing. China's military budget goes up more than 10% a year. Japan's is steady and increased by 0.3% hardware spending on 5 years. Who is threatening their neighbours exactly? China is always looking for a stick to beat Japan with

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