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Comment What highschool was to me (Score 2) 563

I was in highschool between 1989 and 1993. I can think of many times, just like others have admitted here, wanting to get back at others for the crap I had to deal with. Heck even before high school, I was being taunted all the time.

In elementary school because I was interested in computers, everyone assumed that I was a super smart kid. Unfortunately that was the wrong assumption - I hated homework, and I didn't like school work. I got in a few fights, etc. Nothing too major, but I don't look back on it with rosey thougths.

In grade six I went on a trip to Ottawa (Canada's National Capital) and by the end of the trip, someone had spread a rumor that I was gay. The kid who spread the rumor was completely pretentious, and had to better himself over others.

Kind of funny to note though is, I came out as a gay man when I was in university in Ottawa.

Anyway, in high school, I had to deal with looking after my grandparents while my mother was working. My parents were divorced when I was four. So while trying to get the grades to go to university, I was looking after my grandparents.

I had to deal with stupid 'popular' kids on the bus who had no idea the life I was leading. As far as they were concerned, I was a gullible individual who had no life, was never invited to parties, who sat in front of a computer all day.

It wasn't until grade 12 and my OAC year I was told by someone, "You know, you're really cool." I was floored! I had no idea that I was cool! Someone actually liked me!!

I went to university and lived in residence for my first year. While I wasn't one of the guys getting picked on, my roommate was someone who did get picked on all the time.

What about the counsellors when I went through school? Useless. Teachers? Useless.

There was a memo leaked by some of the students while I was in high school. The teachers were having a contest to see who could score the most baseball caps from students in the school. Teachers were waiting by the entrace at hometime, and kids on the way out of school with their baseball caps on inside the school would have them taken away. How can you expect the students to respect you if you won't respect them?

What about teachers who jump to conclusions and you don't get a say? Guilty until proven innocent? HELLO!

It's not just the kids we need to look at, the parents, teachers and administration are all responsible.

What about games, and such? Give me a break! Music does not make kids bad. Video games don't make kids bad. It's the example they get from society - and in high school the examples are teachers, administration, and parents.

Schools should not be facist states, but they sure seem run that way, for no particular good reason. I often wonder if the administration even think!

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