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Comment Re:Obvious flaw: (Score 1) 491

The assumption that the longest one is the oldest and most reliable is invalid, Since anyone can peer, there's no reason that a peer can't fake itself as 20, 30, 100 peers, and, working on a very fast machine, produce a longer chain quickly than an older peer.

Yeah, just wait until the bot herders get a hold of this. I'm sure they would have no problem either generating huge chains, or just flat out generating coins faster than anyone else.

The Almighty Buck

Obama Awards Nearly $2 Billion For Solar Power 514

crimeandpunishment writes "President Obama says it's time to heat up solar power, and he's willing to spend a big chunk of federal money to do it. Saturday the president announced the government is giving nearly $2 billion to companies that are building new solar plants in Arizona, Colorado, and Indiana. The president says this will create thousands of jobs and increase our use of renewable energy."

Comment Re:Saving lives?? (Score 1) 128

Why do breathless writers always say "saving lives" when they refer to military applications? They're about taking lives. Just taking different ones.

Probably for the same reason it's called the "Department of Defense" rather than the "Department of War"

Comment Best part of the article (Score 1) 300

The best part of the article is the random "All Your Base" reference.

Researchers are still discovering more about the H5 port; the Nature article indicates that perhaps certain human mutants have lungs that do not listen on the H5 port. So, those of us with the mutation that causes lungs to ignore the H5 port would have a better chance of surviving an Avian flu infection, whereas as those of us that open port H5 on the lungs have no chance to survive make your time / all your base pairs are belong to H5N1.


Submission + - SPAM: Comcast, Cox blocking BitTorrent throughout U.S.

alphadogg writes: The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems released a study today showing that Cox Communications and Comcast have been blocking BitTorrent transfers within the United States at both peak and non-peak hours. While only around 7.7% of hosts worldwide reported having their BitTorrent traffic throttled, 87.8% of all blocked hosts were located within the United States, where nearly one-quarter of all hosts tested experienced blocked BitTorrent traffic. Of those nearly 600 blocked hosts, the vast majority were located on Comcast or Cox networks, the study reports. What's more, says the study, all blocked hosts in the United States are located on cable networks.
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Submission + - SPAM: Cisco lawyer reveals self as Patent Troll Tracker

alphadogg writes: A Cisco patent lawyer has outed himself as author of the blog Patent Troll Tracker, a vocal critic of so-called patent trolls, a derogatory term for companies that acquire and license intellectual property and assert them in court to win damages from vendor companies. In his blog posting of Feb 23. Patent Troll Tracker writes: I got an anonymous email, from the guy who probably collected the bounty [offered by Ray Niro of Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro], telling me I better tell everyone who I am (and he clearly knew), or else he would take care of it for me. The clear threat in the email is that he would do it in a way I wouldn't be happy about. I don't know what that means, but as I have been growing weary of anonymity anyway, here I am."
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Submission + - Whales evolved from deer-like creature

Smivs writes: "The whale is descended from a deer-like animal that lived 48 million years ago, according to fossil evidence.
Remains found in the Kashmir region of India suggest the fox-sized mammal is the long-sought land-based ancestor of whales, dolphins and porpoises.
Whales are known to be descended from land-dwellers but the "missing link" has been a mystery until now.
Indonyus belongs to an ancient order of mammals that had two or four toes on each foot. Modern day representatives of the group include camels, pigs, and hippopotamuses."

Submission + - Backdoors Discovered on New HP Laptops (

F Insecure writes: "A hacker named "porkythepig" has gone public with several unpatched backdoors in pre-installed software that ships with new HP notebook computers. The zero-day vulnerabilities, in ActiveX Controls that ship with the HP Info Center and HP Software Update utilities, expose Windows XP and Windows Vista users to remote code execution attacks. Exploit code has been published showing how a Windows machine can be rendered unbootable if an HP laptop user is lured to a malicious Web site."

Submission + - Google's Orkut Hit by Fast-Moving Worm (

Shack Radio writes: According to a story on eWeek, a fast moving worm is squirming though Google's Orkut social network, adding hundreds of thousands of users to an Orkut community created by a Brazilian hacker. The worm, which first appeared on Dec. 19, has been spreading through Orkut's Scrapbook system at a rapid pace, infecting more than 650,000 users in the space of a few hours.
The Courts

Submission + - FBI zaps couple for shining laser at helicopter ( 3

coondoggie writes: "The US attorney's office and the FBI this week charged a California couple with shining a laser into the cockpit of a sheriff's department helicopter, a federal criminal complaint that could land them in jail for up to 20 years and earn them a $250,000 fine. The federal criminal complaint was filed on December 13, against Jared Dooley and Kendra Snow. The complaint states that on November 8, 2007, at about 10:55 p.m., a green laser beam illuminated the cockpit of a Kern County Sheriff's Department helicopter, which was flying at 500 feet during routine patrol in Bakersfield, California. When the light hit the cockpit, it disoriented the Kern County Sheriff's pilot, causing pain and discomfort in his eyes for a couple of hours, the FBI said in a statement."

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