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Comment Re: So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

There are lots of moderate Muslims in the US and Europe.

There's few in the cities in large Muslim countries, and basically none in rural areas.

Moderates are a small group of the overall Muslim word, but in the West most Muslim are moderate. This has can be traced back to where and why they emigrated to the west.

This could / will change when / if refugees from more rural areas without higher education makes out a larger part of the Muslim population in the West.

Comment Re:Despite the name it is not autopilot (Score 1) 392

It was not on the center console. It's not capable of video playback.

Unsafe behaviour doesn't get more safe by disabling safety systems. People do stupid shit behind the wheel every day. If you want to monitor autopilot users, perhaps we should start with something that makes more sense in terms of accident rates by installing breathalyzers in all cars?

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

The cards defined as gaming cards generated revenues of > $600M for Nvidia alone last year.
A large portion of that comes from retail cards.

Even if you're correct, and only 1% know how to install a graphics card (I think it could be 3-5%) - that part of the population represent far more than 1% of computers sold. Gamers buy new rigs every 12-24 months (or at least replace graphics cards). Non-gamers buy new computers every 5-7 years.

Comment Re:Middlemen do not like being cut out. (Score 1) 211

Back when it could take a year or two to get a book in bookstores on the other side of the country, 14 years was considered as the maximum interpretation of limited.

We have now somehow managed to more than 5-fold increase "limited" while the at the same time cut the distribution time down from a couple of years to a couple of seconds.

Comment Who wants geo-blocking? (Score 4, Insightful) 172

Netflix wants global license deals for the content, they have no self interest in blocking VPN users.

Netflix will do just enough to make sure they don't get content pulled by the content owners or jeopardize future content deals. If they can convince the content owners that the VPN problem cannot be solved, all the better for both Netflix and the users.

Comment Re:School lunch probably explains a lot of it (Score 1) 519

I'm not sure the school meals pay a very large role, they have that in the US as well (but an argument could be made about the difference in nutritional value of the school food...).

The likelihood of anyone suffering from malnutrition in Australia, Germany, England, Sweden, or the Netherlands are very close to 0%, no matter how poor you are. This is not true for the US. I'm not talking about just getting enough calories, but getting the necessary nutrients to not limit brain development.

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