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Comment Re:klutzy. (Score 1) 329

I'm not klutzy, but once in Arizona, viewing the Meteor Crater, I had a choice of either dropping my DSLR or my squirming toddler, due to the squirming. I opted for the former, in a split second decision, and the camera fell into the crater. I was able to retrieve it, but it was broken. Instead of buying a new one, I fixed it. Myself. This is Slashdot, not Housewife Consumers' Journal. Some sharp edges I filed down, looks a bit beat up, but I still use it.

Some products are better to repair than to replace, like the monitor I'm using now--7 year old 1600x1200--hard to replace with anything more than 1080 rows (damn you, HDTV!). Started taking 5 minutes of warm up time to be usable. Then I learned the problem was due to old (bulging) capacitors. So $0.50 of capacitors later, and 30 minutes of desoldering/soldering it's good as new...

Not everything broken needs replacing...

Comment Re:Warranty often a scam (Score 1) 329

Sometimes I think the fraud in warranties is by the dealer *against the manufacturer* !!!

A few weeks after taking delivery of my Prius, I noted a wind noise at high speed near the right rear passenger door. I guessed it was the rubber seal, and told the dealer, who promptly agreed and replaced it under warranty, no oil change receipts necessary. But the problem wasn't fixed. Then I realized the noise was coming from the fan that cools the hybrid battery--i.e. working properly as designed...


Security Fix Leads To PostgreSQL Lock Down 100

hypnosec writes "The developers of the PostgreSQL have announced that they are locking down access to the PostgreSQL repositories to only committers while a fix for a "sufficiently bad" security issue applied. The lock down is temporary and will be lifted once the next release is available. The core committee has announced that they 'apologize in advance for any disruption' adding that 'It seems necessary in this instance, however.'"

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