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Comment Re:Canada is more protective of rights than USA. (Score -1) 383

It is not the duty of the state to determine the point of speech. Be it love speech, hate speech, sexy speech, or status speech. It is the duty of the state to be as small and efficient as possible, to do it's job of providing roads, mail, and efficient tariff systems. Anything more is evil. Anything less is inefficient.

Comment Re:Lot of people misreading the case (Score -1) 492

Instead this is about the university PUSHING a product that has intentionally sabotaged it's capacity to help the blind. Assume for example that you are 4'2". Then assume that the company building houses in the areas put the door knob at the TOP of the door. Note, there is no need to do this, but they have done it. Would you sue? ==== No of course I wouldn't. They are building for the MARKET, you idiot. It isn't about 1 out of 100000 people. It's about them building to whom they can sell the house. Same thing here. You have electronic devices that have the capacity to do text to voice. But to turn this on, you have to READ THE MENUS. Not once, but EVERY time they turn the device on. This is a simple fix. Just put in a setting that tells the text to voice software to workon the device's own menus, activating when it turns on. Kindle says they will do it. Why do they say they will do it? === Again, your point here is mute. Suing because someone doesn't provide a service you want is a rather socially unacceptable way of going about doing business .
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Journal Journal: Yellow/Purple

Yellow is the new purple, this winter, you'll see Purple.

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