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Submission + - Why Evolution Is True (

OshMan writes: Jerry Coyne gave a good talk at the AAI 2009 around the topic of his latest book “Why Evolution Is True”. He’s a good clear speaker, and it’s very accessible for the non-biologist. With a quick overview of why evolution matters, what kind of evidence there is, and how it has risen to the level of fact. He digs in a bit around why so much of the US rejects “Darwinism” and how to go about improving this. Coyne goes beyond the simplistic notion that religion is the problem and looks at our society as a whole comparing it with other nations where Darwinism is more widely accepted and why. It’s a bit long for a YouTube video, clocking in at just under an hour, but well worth the time.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Weapons of Norse Destruction

OshMan writes: "Wired just carried a brief article about Sweden building the World's First Stealth Ships. I half expected to see a wooden longship in the picture, but actually it's a high speed stealth attack ship. But, is it just me or didn't this kind of thing end very badly for Europe last time?"

Submission + - Self Healing Robots of Doom!

OshMan writes: "University of Pennsylvania's ModLab is doing some interesting stuff with modular robots. In this case involving absolutely no weapons! An example clip on youtube shows one of their cluster robots re-assembling itself after being kicked apart . For more information about the program check out their site. So let the Borg and Terminator jokes begin!"

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