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Comment Insurance Companies begin EXCLUDING all Coverage f (Score 1) 135

"Insurance Companies in the United States have begun notifying customers they will no longer have ANY coverage whatsoever for anything relating to nuclear energy claims. Fallout, radiation sickness, property damage from radiation - all EXCLUDED" http://www.turnerradionetwork....

Comment Broadcasters Threatening to go Cable Only (Score 1) 211

Where would this leave local affiliates? (last sentence in quote) "Broadcasters say a federal appeals court ruling favoring Aereo created a blueprint that might let cable and satellite providers avoid paying “retransmission” fees to carry programming. With those fees estimated to exceed $4 billion this year, some broadcast companies say they may convert to cable channels if Aereo isn’t shut down. "

Comment Re:The way they play the "copyright" card (Score 5, Informative) 211

Not sure where you're getting your information, but I'm an Aereo subscriber in Houston - The people living in Sidney Australia can't watch Aereo USA - you have to live in Houston to receive Houston stations - I can't watch stations in L.A., New York, Chicago, etc,... - only Houston (they check zip codes & monitor IP addresses)

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