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Comment Re:It's ok.. (Score 1) 315

Well, I'm using a French Mac layout and I can type ALL French letters, program and also type in Swedish using some Cmd+Key combo. Sure, I don't have the keys available right away, but it works. Also, on a Mac, Caps Lock really makes an uppercase letter, so it's easy to type an uppercase one with accent.
But typography rules use to say it was alright not to put accents on uppercase letters.
To that, you should add the fact that a LOT of people don't know how to write French properly and make tons of spelling errors when they write or type. I wouldn't expect most of them to care about any special characters or the proper uppercase letter!

Comment Re:SO when you pay people... (Score 1) 500

Well, that would also mean that only one person is working in your family and paying for everything, which means that you probably shouldn't necessarily expect to have tons of leftovers every month.
If you add another salary in there, it will make things much easier for you to add fun stuff to the budget, or even spendings for any children you might have.

Comment Re:Apple TV = xbox? (Score 1) 508

That's only because they can also play way more advanced games. So the hardware is beefier and generally uses more power.
But if they only wanted the same features as in the Apple TV, their software could be used in a smaller integrated device with the same power requirements. Think Intel NUC for example.

Comment Re:No brute-forcing murky... or clear? (Score 0) 187

Semantics. There's no brutality in this attack, hence the name brute force shouldn't be applied. He isn't pushing the system to the limits while going through all the possible values, which is what happens in traditional brute force attacks.
The ban on that type of attack is to prevent the researchers to overload the servers. This can't put any noticeable load on the server at all.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 942

I've actually seen lots of bread recipes that make use of "cups".
Bread is actually sensitive to small differences. If you don't have a precise "cup" of flour or liquids, your bread can totally be different!

Of course, if you're serious about it, you're not going to look at those recipes as they aren't inherently good. Making bread requires some experience as the current temperature, ambiant humidity or flour can be different from room to room, let alone countries to countries. And still, people look at those and say that it isn't a good recipe as they didn't get the same result as you...

Cooking is about precision. I wouldn't use volume to mesure flour, just the same way I wouldn't use the time it takes to drop out of the flour box to mesure it.
"Drop flour for 3 seconds in a bowl..."

Comment Re:Requirements ? (Score 1) 129

Thanks for the explanation!

So it means they will be supporting only 64bit machines on 10.6, and there's probably few of them since they are likely to have upgraded to newer versions of OSX, unlike all the 32bit machines that are stuck on 10.6 and that should make the majority of 10.6 users. Am I right?

Comment Simple fix (Score 1) 238

Isn't iMessage always associated with an email address too?
Wouldn't it be easy to send an email to people when they haven't received a message after a day?
There could be a link in the email telling people how to remove their phone number from the service and receive subsequent messages directly as SMS if they switched phone.

Comment Re:A firearm that depends on a battery? (Score 5, Funny) 1374

You should consider a sword and shield to defend yourself, they are less likely to fail. Or a small dagger eventually if your place is not big enough to swing a sword around.
If you need to fight long distance, consider a bow and arrow. According to the Predator documentary, it even works against aliens with superior technology.

Comment Re:A firearm that depends on a battery? (Score 4, Insightful) 1374

People aren't very good about checking the condition of their gun either.
Or if the safety is off.
Or if it's loaded.
Or if the kid didn't move it from the usual place when he showed it to his friends.

There's already a lot of uncertainty. You can't be sure of anything if you don't take care of it.
So no, a battery isn't an issue, it's another safety.

Comment The Guardian has it wrong (Score 5, Informative) 477

It isn't forbidden to read emails, it is forbidden for employers to require the employees to read them or be reachable through their personal or company phone.
Employees must be allowed to have a 11h "blackout" between two consecutive working days and 35h during weekends.
If an employee wants to read emails and do extra work, it's up to him, but it can't be imposed.

And this is an agreement just for some business types (mainly IT related), not everyone.

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