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Comment Yeah about Stockholm... (Score 2) 253

It's all great that it takes 24 minutes, but in general, it's quite hard to find a place to rent long term. So if you're a foreign worker, good luck competing with the locals who have been in queues to get a 1st hand contract rental for many years already...

So well, if you can't move there, you're not part of the statistics of course!

Comment Re:Does the streaming market go there? (Score 1) 41

Probably a lot! Spotify 50M paying subscribers reported early this month, that's without all the ad-based users that are just potential subscribers too (over 100M total). Apple Music reported 20M subscribers too. Deezer is probably at 7M now. Tidal 3M.

So yes, users are using those more and more as they are so convenient and the market growth isn't slowing at all. It should be good for some musicians eventually has revenue that went down year after year in most markets is finally growing too.

Comment Re:How to find them? (Score 1) 55

Nice troll there. Don't be a party pooper please.

They actually say they want to be beginner friendly. Even if you are not a Debian maintainer, you can still participate in QA effort.
That said, I used to maintain the Debian packaging of a lot of software myself, I don't think that I would be a hindrance in any way.

Comment Re:Agile! (Score 1) 74

If your engine is sooooo complicated that creating a simple scene to show progress is too hard, then you already failed at technology.

You could easily have small deliverables or demo to show that what you have works:
- Create a context, show a simple triangle
- Add texture, shaders support, maybe lighting with hardcoded data in the renderer
- Load textures and shaders as assets (probably requires changing the buildsystem and asset loader)
- Load geometry, levels...
- Controls working
- Sound effects working

That way, you can make sure that every single step is working. If you don't have anything renderer until the last few weeks, then you clearly have an issue...

Comment Re:Movies? (Score 4, Interesting) 74

Or Sony and Apple too, for which their application store is geoblocked.

In an age where people move freely in Europe, your account for those is locked to one country and you can't really change it easily.

My French PSN account subscription couldn't be renewed using my Swedish credit card. I managed to find a proper online video game store that would just sell serial codes for the PSN and accept my Swedish credit card. I effectively worked around their limitations, but it was very annoying.

And then, my French Apple account could be "moved" to Sweden, but I would have to "buy" everything again (then it would discover I already had a license for some content and not bill me). That's not ok either, as some apps where actually different versions and it did bill me for some. I paid twice for the same thing because of virtual borders online within EU.

Comment Re:But... (Score 5, Informative) 239

When I worked in Paris, I lived in the suburbs surrounding Paris and worked in another one.

Public transport was easily 1h30m of traveling time. I would have to go through the town center and back. Share the train with all the people with the flu, suffer the unpredictability of the Parisian public transport.

In my car, it was a solid 20 minutes, and I never caught the flu. I was saving 2 hours everyday thanks to my car.

I'm not saying it's perfect for everyone, but for some people, it's definitely really great. Would I ever take the public transport again? Probably, if there were better routes around, not like this though.

Comment Re:It's ok.. (Score 1) 315

Well, I'm using a French Mac layout and I can type ALL French letters, program and also type in Swedish using some Cmd+Key combo. Sure, I don't have the keys available right away, but it works. Also, on a Mac, Caps Lock really makes an uppercase letter, so it's easy to type an uppercase one with accent.
But typography rules use to say it was alright not to put accents on uppercase letters.
To that, you should add the fact that a LOT of people don't know how to write French properly and make tons of spelling errors when they write or type. I wouldn't expect most of them to care about any special characters or the proper uppercase letter!

Comment Re:SO when you pay people... (Score 1) 500

Well, that would also mean that only one person is working in your family and paying for everything, which means that you probably shouldn't necessarily expect to have tons of leftovers every month.
If you add another salary in there, it will make things much easier for you to add fun stuff to the budget, or even spendings for any children you might have.

Comment Re:Apple TV = xbox? (Score 1) 508

That's only because they can also play way more advanced games. So the hardware is beefier and generally uses more power.
But if they only wanted the same features as in the Apple TV, their software could be used in a smaller integrated device with the same power requirements. Think Intel NUC for example.

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