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Comment Yes. (Score 2) 88

VR can "fail", and will, because people don't stick with games where the main challenge is "keep from barfing".

To clarify: today's VR will fail, as did VR from the 1990s and 2000s. We might get there in the 2020s, with tracking cameras operating at kilohertz frame rates, displays refreshing at 300Hz or better, and a graphics pipeline that doesn't introduce more than a frame or two of latency -- IF game designers put some serious thought into maintaining consistent motion perception among all modes (visual-field, inner-ear, proprioceptive).

Comment Re:It is a standard question, here is why. If you (Score 1) 435

Hey, that's the most sensible thing I've heard all day! I should try that myself.

"Before I sign up, could you please tell me what this health insurance policy's premiums were last year? Yes, I understand that you'd like 25% more this year, but I think we should all agree it's more reasonable to expect an increase of 10% at most. Now, let's talk about my expectation for you to go the extra mile when there's additional medical work to be covered -- without additional pay, of course."

Apologies to those readers in first- and second-world countries where this "signing up for health insurance coverage" analogy is sensibly unintelligible.

Comment Re:White space (Score 1) 489

"Content is like water. And because there are lots of pre-schoolers running around, and they're LOUDER than you, we're going to make sure we only present enough content to fill a sippy-cup. If you don't like the fact that it barely wets the surface of the 55-gallon drum that you have for receiving content, well, why do you want us to discriminate against other users?"

Comment Re:Not regulated ... (Score 1) 65

I'm a chrono-American, and I have this problem when there's a lot of background noise: I don't like background noise. I've often joked that I look forward to needing hearing aids, because then I'll be able to turn down the rest of the world whenever I want. No "luck" so far, though.

My late mother got a pair of $5K hearing aids a decade or so ago, but could never get used to them. They had to be programmed by the audiologist who sold them to her, and they didn't even have a volume adjustment. When she put them in, the noise of the refrigerator running, the clocks ticking, and Dad's TV drove her nuts.

When/if my time comes, I'll absolutely want hearing aids over which I can exert this kind of control. And if this product works very well, I may not wait until I need them. In fact, if the noise cancellation is good enough, perhaps they'll help preserve my hearing.

Comment Re:"Super-Efficient"? (Score 1) 119

You assume humans are not and and human activity is not 'natural' or 'normal' or that the planet does not already have sufficient feedback measures in place we are not yet aware of to compensate for human activity without harmful/dangerous rates/amounts of climate change. We, ourselves, are a product of nature, after all. How many times in the past has nature created species that upset the global climate? Are we so arrogant as to think that just because we've developed a higher intelligence and self-awareness that we are somehow beyond/above nature and nature's ability to mitigate changes caused by life that is nature's own product?

Sure. Just google "Oxygen Holocaust". Great for us, but kinda sucked for the planet-wide biosphere of anaerobes, who now survive only as a few reviled and persecuted minorities. (There may well be people talking about protecting them, but I don't see many people volunteering to host them in the form of botulism and gangrene.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for advancing both our knowledge in this area and for finding *pragmatic & economically viable/practical* ways to pollute less and impact the environment less overall. I don't believe it warrants extreme measures bordering on emergency status that will harm people by destroying economies and lowering standards of living while empowering authoritarianism to enforce those measures.


You know what destroys economies and lowers standards of living? Human extinction. But it's a totally pragmatic and viable way for the biosphere to reach a new stable state.

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