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Comment Re:This is ONE EXAM, get a life (Score 1) 325

50% of the population taking the CS AP exam ALREADY score a 3 or lower. Which is effectively failing since no college will take that low of a score as credit. The average went up slightly since they dropped the AB test, which is the harder version, because only about 5k people a year took it, but had a much higher average than the A test because those were the people who knew how to program and were confident in their ability to do so.

Comment Re:Um (Score 1) 202

The way FiOS works, it's partially incumbent upon groups like homeowners and condo associations...or apartment building request that Verizon come in and install the local infrastructure for "last mile" delivery. It's not just a situation of them coming up to one home and plugging you in, otherwise. We recently went through this in the condo development where I live, and it was an involved process...but when you want fiber to your home, guess what? You have to have someone install the fiber, which means asking them to do so. Hence the advertising to build up demand.

Could the ad have been a little more up front about this? Sure. But it's not actually silly that they are doing this.

This! FiOS was being advertised and available to houses in my area for over a year before an agreement finally went through with my building's management office to wire it up. Verizon had people at a desk in the lobby trying to get people to sign up for weeks after that. Was there the first day and it's been great since then. They've gotten nearly the entire building signed up based on the number of 4 letter wifi networks encrypted with WEP around me. Verizon could do with setting better default security on their routers.
Time Warner has taken to sending people door to door trying to get people to switch back, offering all kinds of deals. I don't think anybody has taken them up on their shit service.

Comment Re:I'm a little confused about GTA 5 (Score 3, Insightful) 621

Because graphic violence only gets a game an M rating. Full nudity and sex automatically get a game an AO (Adult Only) rating. Most retailers refuse to stock AO games and getting an AO rating is effectively a death sentence for a console game since the only place you'd be able to sell them is the Internet and smaller stores. If you want big sales your game has to be sold in Walmart, Toys R Us, Gamestop etc.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 736

The Eloi are cattle. It's literally spelled out in the book! How do you miss that?

"These Eloi were mere fatted cattle, which the ant-like Morlocks preserved and preyed upon -- probably saw to the breeding of."
"Very pleasant was their day, as pleasant as the day of the cattle in the field. Like the cattle, they knew of no enemies and provided against no needs. And their end was the same. "

Comment Oh Well (Score 1) 62

Supposed I should have been more suspicious that searches failed. But I was hopeful it was just some sort of database failure explaining why I couldn't login. Whatever. I didn't use that password for anything else, spammers. Have fun with it.

Although this raises the question why even make a functional password reset form? I tried it after my login didn't work and they sent me a new one.

Comment Re:How does he fit in a diplomatic bag? (Score 1) 847

Diplomatic bags do not have to be literal bags. They can be large crates or any type of container. People have been smuggled out of countries in them before. Which leads to the question what they actually planned to do if he is smuggled in one. Cause a car accident and hope he really really has to pee?

Submission + - George "geohot" Hotz arrested for Posession of Marijuana (

n1ywb writes: Goerge "geohot" Hotz, famous for being the first to jailbrake and iPhone and for his spat with Sony over PS3 jailbraking, was busted for posession of a small amount of marijuana at a US Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas on his way to SXSW. The shakedown goes like this; drug dogs are run around vehicles; when they sign, DHS searches the car and finds the contraband; DHS then turns evidence and suspects over to the local sherrif. Willie Nelson, actor Armie Hammer (who played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network), and Snoop Dogg have all gotten in trouble at the same checkpoint under similar circumstances.

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