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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: Anonymous is making personal attacks on me 1

Most these are Anonymous members I exposed from Kuro5hin as frauds, and they have taken over Kuro5hin with Rusty's approval via their many dupe accounts and turned Kuro5hin from a Slashdot type Geek culture from the trenches type technology site into an Anonymous swamp of Internet alligators that will bite anyone they disagree with.

I left Kuro5hin a long time ago, but since they couldn't get me they were prank calling my house, so I changed to an unlisted number. Now they are trying to troll me on Slashdot and won't leave me alone. It all started out on IWETHEY and they followed me to Kuro5hin and now to here.

One threatened to have me castrated and another is a homophobe and also a bigot and another can't seem to understand my Internet jokes and takes me seriously when I joke about being a pirate ninja from space and 4096AD, that is just a "theme" I use as a joke and I wrote blogs about it and some Orion Blastar wannabe stole my running joke and did a Darth Vader blog in the style of my old Orion Blastar space pirate ninja from 4096AD blog. But at least I won't be sued by George Lucas as I have rights to Orion Blastar and I am writing stories about my character and not someone else's character.

Hey nice pathetic attempts to troll me Anonymous, but as usual you've been smoking way too many joints and don't seem to be making any sense and are pointless and scoring "own goals" like when you hacked Sarah Palin's email account and turned her from a nobody into an even more popular person. I pointed out your "own goals" and why it helps McCain/Palin more than help them, and now you've started to troll me on Slashdot. Well I joked back on Slashdot, and I am getting modded up as funny, while you get modded down as troll. So nice work guys, when the feds finally bust you guys, we'll see who has the last laugh. If you are lucky you will get so stoned that you will end up killing yourselves and save the US tax payers some money they would have wasted on your trial and 5 to 8 years in federal prison. Yeah you EDtards are trying to mess up the Sarah Palin Uncyclopedia article but we are wise to you and easily revert your stupid and unfunny comments.

Keep it up, your pathetic attempts at trying to troll me have made me laugh too much. It is like trying to watch a 15 year old explain Super String theory and instead he babbles on endlessly about how stoned he is and how his parents don't know what he does but he doesn't know Google recorded his whole Internet conversation about what his parents don't know and they found out by Googling their son's name and know the entire truth about what he's been up to and the hammer is about to drop on him as his parents are really mad now at him. You wiki-kiddies really crack me up more than those script-kiddies trying to figure out why their Windows scripts won't work on Linux boxes. :)

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Anonymous is making personal attacks on me

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