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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: Went on vacation came back to see stupid Slashdot changes

Stupid new login system logs me out after making a post, even if I have cookies set to accept and don't tick the public terminal option.

Stupid verification system screws up verification words puts in a "8" for "i" and scribbles over letters so I can't see what they are, and am forced to use the MP3 option that uses a voice that makes Stephen Hawking's software voice sound like an angel in comparison. It still does not cut down on spam or robots. All it does is annoy users.

Thanks a lot Slashdot, I really love logging in multiple times and trying to type in the verification words several times before listening to an MP3 file of the worst voice in the world. It is like going back to my Commodore 64 days and loading Bard's Tale I from the Datasette drive only to get a CRC error 35 minutes into the load and having to rewind the tape and start all over again. I thought I'd never hear that SAM voice again that the C64 used to play via that Software Automatic Mouth program that spoke the words that got displayed on the C64 screen for those of us who were legally blind but not blind enough so we could at least see letters as long as none of them got scribbled over with stupid graphics.

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Went on vacation came back to see stupid Slashdot changes

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