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Comment Poetic Justice (Score 0) 270

Congratulations, you just doubled Sterlings net worth. Ballmer just proved that you are a piss poor businessman. You overpaid for the clippers by 100%. To the NBA you now have an owner who makes Sterling look like a choirboy. To the Clippers welcome to 20+ more years in the cellar. Yep the only winner is the idiot you were targeting. .

Comment *Whine* The FAA won't let me use my cell phone (Score 0) 449

Gee you accuse the FAA of being a stubborn teenager by doggedly adhering to their ESTABLISHED practices to ensure safe, as in ten to the minus ninth probability, flight. You also accuse FAA of spreading irrational fears based on no proof. Even though there are MULTIPLE technical studies/reports out there that show EMI effects from commercial electronics on Avionics devices. Personally, I like the idea of an outdated and overly cautious FAA out there making certain that I get there in one piece. Quit being a whiny teenager because the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT won't let you play with your toys whenever you want.

Comment I disagree it is more like 10 years (Score 0) 441

In reality this concept is not new. It has been happening in the "tech" industry for the last 50+ years. The harsh reality of life is that the half life of your technical education is 5 years. Now for those of you who will argue that work experience counts, I have found that, at best it is 10% for the first 3 years then decays by about 2% for every year after that until you hit 1%. Now the bad news is that 75% of the tech folks don't realize this until about the 10 year point in their career. By then it is tough to go back to school in their original career path. So where do they go? Management, tech support, quality assurance, or more often than not that cubicle in the corner where they get dragged out only to attend meetings with their cronies who took the management path. So all I can say for all of you hot shit I am going to change the world young techies...... If you play your cards right you too will end up with your own cubicle in the corner eventually as well.

Comment Re:My computer now has the same odds as me (Score 0) 299

Yea I knew I understated the "actual statistic." Given my track record with "fixing" Windows after friends and family members have manged to "infect themselves" while doing "nothing risky" puts my one Windows machine squarely in the "High Risk Anal sex" activity courtesy of my "friends at Microsoft."

Comment Apple Flavored Kool Aid anyone (Score 1) 146

HEY ALL YOU WISHFUL THINKER APPLE ZEALOTS. Do the world a favor, take off your Apple hats remove your Steve Jobs for messiah buttons, fold them up, stuff them up your asses, fly to Guyana, drink your Apple flavored Kool Aid and join your cultist brethren that your last bay area messiah produced. Just because your bloody CULT LEADERS filed yet another set of CRAP legal documents doesn't mean the DOJ is going to DROP EVERYTHING and investigate Samsung. REGARDLESS of how much money you gave to the Obama reelection campaign.

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