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Comment I hate to burst the hateful bubble, (Score 2) 1014

I hate to burst the hateful bubbles present, but tons of evangelical scientists have always supported evolution. It is only just a very strong push into education and other areas of life by certain evangelicals who became the 'squeaky wheel' that everyone hears that brought about that stupid bubble. Except it was more like an incessant roar that drowned everything out.

Here's a bad example: Westboro Baptist Church. The Phelps cult sure as heck aren't baptists, despite the name on the sign. They have also been officially disowned by all legitimate church associations, including the 'Primitive Baptist' movement they claim to be a part of, and other Baptist associations.

Yet still I get asked about them in regards to my faith.

Disclaimer: I am an 'evangelical' who volunteers at a nominally Southern Baptist college church in the Northeast USA. I'm an old-world creationist, which means I believe God created the universe way back a long time ago, and that he wasn't absent in our evolution.

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