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Comment Re:Thank you sir (Score 1) 142

And like the Sirens beware what looks enticing from afar - the specs are great however the biggest problem with the Samsung Exynos processors appear to be that the largest consumer for Samsung ARM SoCs is Samsung and as such their external support, particularly for opensource projects is dire.

I don't have time to provide links but go and have a trawl through the Cyanogenmod and XDA developer forums in particular the comments from the developer Codeworkx.

Support for Exynos based devices is far behind that of Qualcomm and TI OMAP that are reputed to be much more friendly to (opensource) developers.

Comment LSE not on the Linux platform yet (Score 4, Informative) 98

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) have not yet moved on to the new Linux based Millenium trading platform - this is scheduled to happen on Feb 14th. It was supposed to have happened late last year but was delayed.

A subsiduary of the LSE, the Turquoise Multilateral trading Facility (MTF) has already migrated to the MIT platform though.

Comment Re:Tablets are not the answer (Score 1) 431

"the keyboard will soon be an irrelevance except for a few neandertal techno-luddites"

Then as a SysAdmin then spends 80-90% of his day in a command line interface (CLI) you can count me in the "neandertal techno-luddites" group that does not see the requirement keyboards disappearing anytime soon.

I can picture a SysAdmin dancing about like a frantic Raver on speed if front of a Kinect interface...its not pretty and not for me thanks.

Comment Re:Tablets are not the answer (Score 3, Insightful) 431

I had high hopes for the Toshiba AC-100 but the reviews all say the same thing great hardware (with some odd keyboard decisions) badly let down by the Android implementation and self rolled App Store.

I don't understand why the OEMs seem so averse to taking a nice ARM netbook and partnering with one of the large and popular Linux distributions rather than rolling their own poor to unterley crap install or partner with some no name distribution, both of which fail to deliver a decent consumer experience or community.

ARM have been promising "ARM based laptops/netbooks will be out soon" for the last three years, so far their licensees and the OEMs have failed to deliver.

I'd say the market is there, I wonder now though if they'll just continue to chase Apple believing locked down tablets to be the market to chase rather than getting back to those of us who are waiting for a decent ARM netbook/laptop.

Comment Re:The Year of the Linux Palmtop? (Score 4, Informative) 431

I really hope so, but I'm loosing faith that the popular Linux distributions will actually break out from their server (and to a small extent desktops) stronghold.

It's the OEM device manufacturers, if you look at the netbook/laptots debabcle, outside the rather significant Wintel strangulation, each OEM decided to roll their own or partner with some no name distribution for their initial Linux offerings which IMHO resulted in a rather poor consumer experience.

This gave Wintel their opportunity to get in a take control. You can see it happening again with Android, the frequently talked about fracturing of the platform will be matched by the plethroa of App Stores which are going to spring up.

Reviews of the Toshiba AC-100 all say the same thing great hardware (with some odd keyboard decisions) badly let down by the Android implementation and slef rolled App Store.

Unless an ARM OEM device and Android (or a popular big Linux distribtion) presents a decent consumer experience this will just be another "Year of the Linux..." meme in the making.

Comment Re:We should remember this next time (Score 1) 529

"and were branded as terrorists by the UK for doing so"

The legislation used to freeze the Icelandic banks assets were taken from "Part 2 (Freezing Orders) of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001".

Notice how the dramatic word "terrorism" is only one third of the title. If it had just been the "Crime and Security Act" none of the press would have made such a big deal out of it.,_Crime_and_Security_Act_2001#Part_2_.28Freezing_orders.29

But hey, the propogation of nonsense is more fun.

Comment Re:CrackBerry: Just say no ;) (Score 1) 191

I had a Blackberry Storm foisted upon me (something about making the numbers up to get the next data bundle). But from the outset I made it very clear that outside of working hours the notification options will be set to Phone Calls Only (i.e. no tones or vibrate on texts and e-mails) and Iâ(TM)ll check e-mails at my leisure.

Without being to hostile or overzealous I find myself constantly having to remind people that e-mail is an asynchronous communications medium.

And as for the Storm - nice screen good for reading e-mails, business iPhone competitor it is not and so damn unresponsive at timesâ¦grrrrr. Iâ(TM)m glad I didnâ(TM)t pay for it, not checked if there are firmware updates but in its current form I wouldn't recommend it.


Submission + - Open Source virtual desktop solution is out (

getupstandup1 writes: "Ulteo, a startup software company that earlier designed an interesting Linux virtualizing solution for Windows, has just released the version 1.0 of their corporate-oriented solution for delivering virtual desktops and applications to users: Open Virtual Desktop v1.0. What's interesting with this product is that it can not only deliver everything through the user's web browser, which makes it incredibly easy and fast to deploy, but also it can mix seamlessly both Windows and Linux applications. It looks like an Open Source version of Citrix that would also support Linux applications natively. So can Ulteo carve out a niche in this shark tank?."
Linux Business

Submission + - Ulteo's virtual desktop now supports Active Dir (

ruphus13 writes: Mandrake Linux founder Gael Duval's new Open Source product — the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (covered here earlier) — just released Active Directory support and LDAP support, to allow the browser-based desktop to seamlessly connect to the other devices on the network. This is a big step because it now allows OVDs to be managed as other members of the network. From the post, "The Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) is a browser-based operating system and applications suite that is controlled and configured, ideally, by your organization's systems administrators. This makes managing, working, and collaborating from remote locations possible so long as there is a computer nearby with a Java-enabled browser and internet connection. This week, Ulteo announced some major updates to its OVD, including the ability to deliver Linux and Windows applications (or a mix of both), Active Directory and LDAP authentication capabilities, several file server options, and collaboration support...Gael Duval, one of the minds behind Mandrake Linux, and Thierry Koehrlen, a co-founder of the open source business process platform Intalio, are at the helm of the growing organization."

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