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0 A.D. Goes Open Source 88

DoubleRing writes "Wildfire Games has announced that it will be moving its previously closed development process for 0 A.D. to open source. All code will be released under the GPL and all art under CC-BY-SA. 0 A.D. is a historically-based RTS, and while it's not yet complete, this trailer is purportedly actual gameplay footage. With a codebase of over 150k lines of C++ code plus 25k lines in development tools, this is looking like a fairly promising entrant into the open source RTS field. The screenshots are definitely pretty, to say the least."
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - StarCraft 2 to be Announced May 19th?

everything_X3N writes: "
"A new South Korean source claims that, according to a leak, Blizzard will be announcing StarCraft 2 at the World Wide Invitational, on the 19th of May 2007."
The leak was announced in a post at thisisgame.com and an English translation is available at GosuGamers: StarCraft 2 Leak (English)

"Whether or not these claims are true will be difficult to confirm because of the nature of the source (anonymous leak). Over the years there has been much said about the sequel — Blizzard has repeatedly mentioned that they have always been interested in 'revisiting the StarCraft world'. However, only recently has there been an increasing number of leaks regarding Starcraft 2, all hinting that it is indeed coming out soon."

Feed BenQ rolls out 19-inch FP93GP monitor (engadget.com)

Filed under: Displays

BenQ's got a new monitor for those that prefer to keep things smaller and squarer than some its more imposing offerings, with its new FP93GP display offering 19-inches of space in the good 'ol 4:3 aspect ratio. The monitor's specs also look to be impressive enough, with a 1,200:1 contrast ratio, 1,280 x 1,024 resolution, 300cd/m2 brightness, 8 ms gray to gray response time, a 178 degree viewing angle, and both VGA and DVI inputs. While it still appears to be listed at the ever-popular "open price," Impress pegs the direct sales price at ¥42,800 (or about $358), which certainly puts it well above the low-end of 19-inch displays.

[Via Impress]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

The Media

Submission + - Farking Up Copyright

superdan2k writes: "BoingBoing brings to light that Fark is living up to its name. It has altered its copyright policy in a manner that gives it the copyright to submitted materials (which would include Fark Photoshop fun which, in this writer's opinion, is the most worthwhile part of the site), and grants the original creator license to use the submission in their own applications. The article at BoingBoing points out some pretty obvious reasons for doing this, but I'm calling it "Operation: Footbullet" — Fark just shot themselves in the foot."

Submission + - Student arrested for writing essay

mcgrew writes: "The Chicago Tribune reports that an eighteen year old straight A Cary-Grove High School student was arrested for writing a "disturbing" essay. From the Trib:

Allen Lee, an 18-year-old straight-A student at Cary-Grove High School, was arrested Tuesday near his home and charged with disorderly conduct for an essay police described as violently disturbing but not directed toward any specific person or location.
So much for freedom of speech in the US."

Submission + - The real Tux Racer!

Vinicius Cordeiro writes: "'Marketing Linux has always been a tricky proposition. As a community, we have relied on corporations who have a stake in the Linux operating system to market Linux to the world at large. Today, we have an opportunity to change that, and make Linux marketing as much a community effort as Linux development. That effort begins with the Tux 500 project.

Our goal is simple: we want to collect community donations to enter a Linux sponsored car in the 2007 Indianapolis 500. We need your help!'

That's just the WOW effect that Linux need.

From: http://www.tux500.com/"

Submission + - Neutrinos -- and once again, symmetry is restored!

perturbed1 writes: A Fermilab press release today announced that MiniBooNE's latest results rule out the simple neutrino oscillation interpretation of the LSND experiment. Neutrinos have a tiny amount of mass, required by their oscillations, as observed in solar, atmospheric and reactor neutrino experiments. Combining these results with the LSND experiment's results required the presence of a *fourth* but "sterile" neutrino, breaking the 3-fold symmetry of particle families in the standard model! Symmetry in the particle kingdom has once again been restored. Standard model lives on!
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Gaming responsible for failure in relationships

Tristan Soerodimedjo writes: "The Netherlands — Utrecht, Tuesday april 10th 2007.
The Academy for Digital Communication, a part of HU college, recently finished a research about the influence of gaming towards the social life of adult gamers in The Netherlands. A gamer, according to the ADC is someone who plays computergames for at least 1 hour a day.

The results of the research were as following: 71% of all gamers labelled themself as an addict. Amongst these addicts, 44% claims to have severe relationship problems because of gaming, because of giving too little attention to their partner. Also, 32% of all gamers ever had the experience a relationship ended because of their frequent gaming behaviour.

Expectations are, that in the near future, 32% of all marriages cannot take place beacause of gaming. That means gaming is for 32% responsible for failing marriages. The number of singles was already increasing in Europe, gamin behaviour will strengthen this trend.

One student at the ADC made a short movieclip to strengthen the results of the ADC:

Submission + - Microsoft admits benefitting from Windows piracy

Clever7Devil writes: "An article from Information Week here covers an interesting speech given by Microsoft Business Group President Jeff Raikes:

From the article:

"If they're going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else," Raikes said. ...
"We understand that in the long run the fundamental asset is the installed base of people who are using our products," Raikes said. "What you hope to do over time is convert them to licensing the software."

Not that we haven't known this all along, but it's nice to hear it from the horse's mouth."
Role Playing (Games)

Bethesda Investigates Shivering Isles Bug 54

Gamespot reports on a glitch in the recently-released Shivering Isles expansion to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It's unclear at this time if the Xbox 360 version of the title also has it, but on the PC side of things a game-breaking snafu can arise after 50-120 hours of gameplay post-Isles installation. "The bug apparently starts affecting the game as soon as the expansion pack is installed for the PC version of Shivering Isles. The problem arises because the game generates a huge number of identification numbers internally for objects, and once the allotted space for those numbers becomes exhausted, newly created objects will disappear from the gameworld and the game could simply crash ... It appears that the more frames per second the game runs at, the faster that space of identification numbers fills up."

Submission + - 30 days of bots

wessorh writes: "The folks at Support Intelligence have started analyzing fortune 500 companies that are infested with botnets. So far they covered AIG, Thomson Financial, and 3M, with 27 more fortune 500 companies to "out". These guys are outing your favorite global conglomerates for their contributions of Viagra spam, Stock pump-n-dump and other nastiness. The DOA Report (Digest of Abuse) came out yesterday with last weeks most infected ISP networks. Only when corporate America stops sending spam is there any hope for your grandma's computer."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Reliving the technology during the 1980s

RFrancis writes: "If you grew up watching the 1980s variety show Solid Gold, and you remember clearly the birth of MTV, there's a strong chance you also had a phone that was connected to the wall. With the Internet, Xbox and iPods still years away from mainstream, here's a look at what the 1980s had to offer technology buffs during a time when the average salary was $15,757 and a BMW cost $12,000. Follow along and cast a vote below to find out at the end how much of a techie you really were by seeing what technology you did or didn't use...or still use (don't worry we won't tell)."

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